What's a fanfiction writer to do?

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Fan-Fiction' started by srebak, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. srebak

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    Here's the thing, Thundercats is just one among many shows that i have enjoyed enough to want to make new episodes for. So, like a lot of people here, i've had various ideas for new adventures and experiences for the TCats to encounter, i even recently started writing a fanon Season Two. But, recently, i just found out that Season two is on its way. Kwam134 has a friend who spoke with a voice actor, and based on the stuff he posted that in http://thundercatslair.org/forums/showthread.php?t=8743 the ideas i had for a second season seem to have been torpedoed.

    This is a recurring problem for me whenever i come up with an idea for a TV show. I come up with an idea, but then the show either beats to the punch and carries out the idea in a different way, or just does something that makes my ideas go against the show's consistency or just makes them very, very unlikely.

    This is a problem for me you see, because i want my ideas to at least seem like they're canon to the show's continuity. And with this issue making that nearly impossible, what's fanfiction writer to do?
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    Srebak, I apologize for crushing your ideas for a canon season 2, I just wanted to post some news on what was going on with the show because news about it is kind of slow and hard to find.
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  3. Daremonger

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    Hey, srebak. I think you're trying your very best to write what you believe is a second season, but do try not to focus too much on one thing and focus on much more of the events that happened in season one.
  4. MarianaTCdreams

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    Keep writing! :thumbsup: There are many paths for the show's continuity. Who said that the way that the show was/is written is the only way?
  5. Nine Tiger

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    Keeping to canon can drive you nuts. If you want to write, just right, or you will never do anything if you just wait for the perfect moment.
  6. Lady Ocelli

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    I agree with Ninetiger; just go with your instincts as to where the story will go.

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