What's the deal with "Third Earth?"

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    Even as a longtime fan, the occasional question still pops in my head from time to time. I have quite a few regarding Third Earth, so bare with me..and if you have definitive answers to them, don't hesitate to chime in.

    Was it ever made clear exactly why Third Earth is referenced as such? I mean, were there ever clues or dialogue I may have missed that explained the cataclysmic event(s) that lead to the Third Earth as we came to know it? Is Third Earth even our planet at all or is it a parallel version or some other planet they happened to deem as "Earth" because it was "the third one out"?

    Mumm-Ra once said, in the episode "The Unholy Alliance," that he knew of the Eye of Thundera's power for a thousand years, "from a time when this was still First Earth." So, putting Third Earth in the context of our planet...is First Earth like the Ice Age or time of the dinosaurs, Second Earth is the present (the time when humans inhabited), & Third Earth is the aftermath? If that's the case, since the time frame has only been a thousand years between Mumm-Ra's knowledge of the Eye of Thundera (First Earth) & the Thundercats and Mutants' arrival in "Exodus" (Third Earth)...Second Earth's time frame is a little blurry, is it not?
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    I did notice in the "Eye of the Beholder" episode that the ThunderCats learned about pneumonia.
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    In "Exodus", Jaga told the TCs they will go to that little third planet (or something like that) because it has good living conditions (water, oxygen, etc). As a child, I always thought it was our planet because, well, Earth is the third planet from the sun. Then, in season 2, a lot of references to Earth were made (too much IMO), like "tacos", "Egyptian mummy", "Mexican food", etc.
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    They even mentioned a character called Ro-Bear Roberto. :P
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    In the first treatment of ThunderCats, the Cats crash their ship in Afrika, clearly "our" earth. I believe the origin of the "Third" part was that it's Earth's 3rd era, like you said. The timeline is a bit off, but I think thats largely due to Exodus being a self contained pilot.
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    That piece of info is in David Crichton's Hear the Roar!
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    In "The Last Day" there's a graphic on the Lair screen that shows the planet as being "our" Earth, with all the familiar continent shapes. Yes, there's lots of references to Earth culture, especially Egyptian stuff, but also Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, baseball, even golf.
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    This makes me think that the TCs seemed pretty familiar with all the anthropomorphic creatures in THird Earth, like the Crabmen and the Molemen, with Tygra even saying in "Garden of Delights": "Molemen people? Do the wonders of this Third Earth never cease?" (or something like that). Were there crabs and moles in Thundera?

    That episode (GoD) is interesting for many other reasons. That Tygra's line gives us a clue the TCs were still knowing and familiarizing themselves with Third Earth ("Do the wonders never cease" gives a hint that they are still surprised at everything they find out in the new planet).

    Also, the fact that Mumm-Ra tricked Tygra into eating the fruit. In later episodes, Tygra will show some weakness that many people have taken as addictive personality (I like to think more of an influenciable personality...). My question is, did Mumm-Ra know before hand that Tygra has this kind of trait, or did he just plotted the whole thing for whatever TC fell in the trap, and he was lucky enough to get the Thunderjunkie? I mean, he was still knwoing the TCs, there was no way for him to know about that trait of Tygra, right? What if it was Panthro the one who went out to explore the earthquakes? Did Mumm-Ra know it would be Tygra and that he had that personality trait? If that's the case, how did he know all that? There was no way for him it'd be Tygra the one going out there, least of all knew he would fall into the fruit thing.

    Maybe it was just after this episode that the writers decided to turn Tygra into the vulnerable one when it comes to this kind of stuff.
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