Why Bandai's Thundercats are great.

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  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Why all the hate for the new Figures?
    Bandai have done an amazing job.
    All this hate and all the overly negative comments about how bad the new show looks, how crap the new figures are and how the classics could have been better are all mostly from Mattel/ MOTUC/ 4 Horsemen fans.
    Thundercats is in good hands with Bandai, they are producing toys for arguably the 3 biggest childrens toy lines at the moment, Pokemon, Ben 10 and Power Rangers.
    Just to point out I love the MOTU 200X figures. I have no problem with th 4 Horsemen, my problem is with Mattel.
    First of all regarding the classics, does anyone realy want all that crap with Matty Collector every month and paying scalper prices for one figure?
    Also just to point ut to everyone crying aout wantin them the same style as MOTUC, seriously, look at the standard buck MOTUC body, how many of the Thundercats had a build like that? Major point to this is the shoulder movement, they can't hold a sword with both hands, how would a MOTUC style Lion-O be in his iconic pose? Bnadai took that into account. Also whilst on the subject of the MOTUC body. It worked for He-Man as the its the same process of mixing and matching parts to create new figures like the old toyline. Aside from some of the main Thundercats how would they handle S-s-slithe? All the LJN figures were completely one off new sculpts. MOTUC has been going for over 2 years and they still havent made any characters like Ram Man, Extendar, Dragstor etc. So if they had done Thundercats do you really think we would have got a great selection of chaacters?
    As for the new TV show toys I personally like them a lot. It reminds me of Transformers Animated to an extent, the fact that they are still recognisable but totally re-invented to appeal to kids of today. (MOTU 200X did not seem to overly appeal to kids as much as collectors enjoyed it). I have been showing the new toys and designs to my youner cousins wo know nothing of Thundercats and they think they look great and are very excited about it. This will be a mass retail line, somethig Bandai can deliver. A mass retail line with good quality? hmmm, again somethingBandai can deliver. Unlike Mattel's QC. Also every toy shop you are in has a good supply of the various character figures. Again something Mattecannot claim. Let all remember MOTU 200X was well liked by some children but their interested died when they repeatedly went to the shops ad all they coul find was repaints of He-Man and Skeletor.
    The new figures (4" + 6") are loaded with articulation again something else the 200X line lacked....I've always assumed that the fact they were not very movable compaed to others toys at the time may have been a big factor, how crap were some of those loin clothes?
    I could go on and on but the fact is simple.
    The Bandai figures look great, have loads of articulation, will have a good price point, lots of playability, be in ample supply in the shops oh and of course the classics wll be reasonably priced and available in the shops.:thumbsup:
  2. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Yep, new figures look nice.
  3. ShadowCat

    ShadowCat Junior Member

    I agree with you. I love the classics and those will always have a place in my heart. But the new figures are fresh while still paying homage to the original characters, with great sculpts, articulation and price point (even the new Panthro is growing on me). I guess that's the Transformers fan in me, reinvention doesn't scare me. My MP Prime can stand next to my Buster Prime and I'm still good. ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing what my young niece thinks of the new figures. She loves the RB cartoon but can't really afford to collect the LJN figures. This gives her a chance to get into it from the start.
  4. Well for starters, Mattel would have to grow the line from the ground up the same way they did the MOTUC line. That started out with no sub and 1 figure a month, and has grown to 2-3 figures a month and a subscription on top of that.

    Yes there are some problems with Mattel's distribution and QA and DR's customer service. I think a lot of the people who wanted Mattel to get the license, really wanted it for the 4 Horseman.

    I think if Bandai had been able to get a contract with them for the Thundercats line, almost nobody would care that Mattel didn't get the rights to it.

    One way of looking at it is your point of view in that when these hit retail, if the supply outweighs the demand, then virtually everyone will have almost every figure their heart desires. The flip side to this is that they will be worth almost nothing, at least in the short run if not longer because of that. Some people will be collecting these (especially the Classics) as collectibles. I know a vast bulk of the LJN line went to kids back in the 80s, but many smart adult collectors bought these and kept them MOC, stored away in collections. Its thanks to them we even have a secondary market of Thundercats figures/vehicles/playsets that are as valuable as they are. I hate to say it but there is a bit of a selfishness involved when it comes to collecting these things, at least to most collectors.

    You want to be the one person you know that has the entire collection, so you can boast proudly and show it off to your friends. It isn't much to be shown off if every neighbor, their brother, cousin, and cousin's brothers all have the entire collection just like you.

    To that point I do think Mattel's crappy distribution does play favorably to those that fit in that boat who either have a sub, or are lucky enough to score everything on the 15th, and who are we to disparage them?

    Part of me is going to be excited to see these on toy shelves again, but a part of me will be significantly less excited about walking into a store and snagging the lone Thundertank on the shelf when 6 months later I can come in and find 3 sitting on any major retail shelf within a 20 mile radius of me.

    Bandai needs to strike the right balance of keeping the demand high by always having something that people have a hard time finding and adding to their collection. Otherwise, IMO the line will grow stale because collectors will abandon it. I'm speaking strictly for the Classics line here. The new show's toyline is a whole different set of rules since that is primarily targeted towards kids (I think the target market the show set was 9-14 I remember reading in one of Jelenic's interviews? So the toyline is probably close to the same). These toys are going to be fighting an uphill battle anyways given how much they'll be competing against video games, iPods, and tablets for kids desires.

    Demand always has to trump supply. Always.
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  5. lostdwarf

    lostdwarf Vortex Explorer

    I'll sum it up in 3 words


    Back in the 80's computers weren't the source of things like they are today. Now adays mass marketing will be huge and this line of thundercats is going to be 100x more advertised and promoted (not like it needs to be to sell) and looked foward to more than ever.
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    As long as collectors and children buy and enjoy the new toyline it will be a scucess.
    I do agree if the Bandai had contracted th 4 Horsemen there would not have been as many complaints but in all fairness, what Bandai has produced is just as good in everyway as what the Horsemen could have produced IMO.
    Forget the classics though itsthe new toyline that Mattel would really have messed up on. All their products suffer from poor QC. Not to mention bad worldwide distribution with releasing waves of figures exclusives to certain shops.
    As long as thenew line sells well that is all that matters. Thundercats has always had a great fanbase in the UK. In the late 80's it was more popular than He-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe. The toys wre still on the shelves around the UK until the 90's and still selling thanks to the repeats on BBC. If the BBC had shown the second half of the episodes they could have been selling even better.
    Thats another thing the new cartoon would need to be on a major freeview channel / terrestrial tv channel to reach a bigger fan base. There is another MOTU 200X point right there. In the UK it was mainly broadcast on Toonami, then in he early hours of Sunday mornings on ITV.
  7. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    the final verdict whether Bandai's Thundercats are great will be decided by the New generation of fans. These toys are primarily aimed to the kids and the big deal is whether they are going to love it or treat it as a passing fad. Much as we, the grown up fans will support the New Toyline and uphold the market, the New figures and to a great extent the success of the New series will be judged upon the modern kids' approval or not. Besides they are the majority.
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  8. voice_guy

    voice_guy Berbill

    I don't like Mattel for a personal reason, but that aside I *still* don't like the new Bandai designs and believe that had Mattel been the ones to make the figures, they probably would have at least looked better.

    I've never been a Bandai fan, and the new designs aren't helping me change my mind. I do like the classic line as well as the new sword of omens toy but that's about it. That said, they are doing the best with the designs that they are forced to use and we still have to support them no matter what just to keep Thundercats going.
  9. Lynx-O10

    Lynx-O10 New Member

    I Personally Love The New Thundercats Figures. I Think Bandai Has Done A Great Job, If Not An Amazing Job. Its Really Nice To See A New Take On The T-Cats Series. Im A Huge Fan Of The Old Series Myself. Seeing What Bandai Has Done Just Blew My Mind Away. I Myself Thought It Was Going To Be "Half Rated Throw Aways" If You Will, But I Will Say They Sure Shut Me Up. Simply, I Love The New Figures And I Cant Wait For Them To Come Out. I Will Deff Be Buying Them.
  10. Bengali

    Bengali Rampager

    I'm one of the members here who DESPISES the new figures. Now that Ive seen the trailer (which I REALLY like) I have to say I hate the figures even more. Bandai has got to be one of the worst companies in terms of figure designs. The figures dont look like the cartoon. So now for me its not about the figures themselves or the designs, its the company behind them. If a toy company makes the figures look like the new toon then I will buy them.

    Bandai's new figures insult Thundercats, not just the classics but now that ive seen the trailer: the new anime as well. These figures could have been so bad-azz, now they look like something i'd find at burger king. The new cartoon has DETAIL. The new figures dont AT ALL. If fans can make customs 1000 times better than a profesional toy comapny..that says something.
  11. Valdin

    Valdin Junior Member

    Why all the hate on the MOTU and Mattel? I have collected all the new MOTU classics figures and Battlecat and think they are great! I have never paid scalper prices and never will. I haven't had a trouble ordering or getting my figures without a problem and have not had any issues with mattel. I think it is one of the best lines out there right now, and I think they are being smart by having it online only to keep the line going without worrying about brick and mortar stores issues. I think Mattel would release the Thundercats line in stores, but, could see how it goes and if popular keep it in stores, or if not, make them available to be online only to keep the line running.
    The MOTU classics line is definetly a step up from the 200X line. The 200X line was great but not very articulated. I think if done in the classics style and had the cases not been overloaded with he-mans and skeletors, the line might have done alot better.
    Ok, so you don't like loincloths. Not everyone does. Thats how He-man started and I do still think they look good. What would you rather them wear? I think the loincloth holds up well with the classics line and they pulled it off to look good. It doesn't look bad to me. Trust me I have seen much worse costume designs.
    As far as ban dai goes, I am not a fan, because they have never made toys for a line that I liked so far. This being said, I kind of think of them as being a niche toy company (nothing against that) I do not think they could pull off a line like Gi Joe, transformers, or M.A.S.K. (let them try and if they pull it off, i will eat my words).
    I have not seen anyone "cry out" that they want mattel to use the same motu bodys for the thundercats if they got the line. It is just an idea to have the 4 horsemen sculpt them because they would treat them with respect and we know in their hands that they would look good. I do agree that the thundercats need to be well articulated for the stunts and fights they do. I am sure that if mattel did get the license that they wouldnt use the same molds as the motu line uses, and they would be aware that they would need to use new molds for all the new figures.
    I have liked the Thundercats figures for the upcoming series from the get go. I have not been a fan of the over-all designs however. After seeing the trailer for the new series, I am sold since seeing them in motion. I am still skeptical about panthro though . I have went back and looked at the new figures coming out and am more impressed now, but do not see how the 4" Lion-o can go into his epic pose with the normal figure. You will need to get the deluxe version, and from the appearance, thats the majority of what he can do. The new figures do look great but could have used more detail. I think the articulation is good but not as good as it could be (on the 4" line especially).
    I have no hate for ban dai, but do not see your point that Mattel couldn't do a better job.
  12. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Well....I guess I just don't see the point that Mattel could have done a better job?
    Regarding the MOTUC figure the loin clothes are terrible tho that could have easily been a sculpted area an not indered the hip articulation at all.
    Looking at the articulation on the DC Infinite Heroes figures...:(...need I say more LOL.
    Bandai Japan make Gundam and Macross and are still popular today and have been going longer than GI Joe and Transformers.
    On quite a few web sites a lot of people are wanting them done the sam as MOTUC, and Ihave seen some terrible custom atempts with MOTUC figures.
    I am sorry if it comes across as overly against Mattel but their past record with properties speaks for itself.
    All I can say is I love th new Bandai stuf and I can't wait to get it....also the cartoon looks utterly billiant. :D
  13. Valdin

    Valdin Junior Member

    I'm not argueing with you on that one bit. I know other lines mattel has made that I have not been a fan of, especially the dc infinite figures, I think the designs are ok, but articulation is for the birds. If thundercats was made like those, I would not collect them and might have to cry myself to sleep.
    What are the websites that have custom thundercats figures? I need a good laugh. Remember on the other hand though, the original figures were more "buff" for housing extra features and were not very articulate.
    (a reason I didn't collect them)
    I am sure that ban dai japan has a much better track record and hope they would be more loyal to their propertys than hasbro has been. I do not agree that all their lines need to be refreshed and changed every so many years. I think that might lead to their downfall and I will gladly walk away.I'm sorry but I don't know much about gundam or macross, but if they are still running, then Kudo's to them. They are doing something right. I tried getting into power rangers once a long time ago, and they weren't bad but after they started changing I slowly lost interest. I couldn't get into the other seasons and am still wondering why that line is still going lol.
    I understand mattels other brands/Lines have not been perfect, but to me he-man's brand is supreme. I have faith that mattel will make ram-man and dragstor eventually. The new Man-E_faces looks amazing. I agree mattels track record is far from perfect.
    Hopefully Ban dais thundercats has a long future and they improve over time. I do love the new stuff coming out and can't wait to see more.
    Take Care
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Dragstor is one of my favourite vintage MOTU figures. :D I do like th MOTUC figures but they are so expensive an hard to get in the UK, especilally with shipping fees.
    If you google custom lion-o on images you will see some good andsom bad customs.....I don' want to singa anyone out, I am not a customiser, there atttempts are better than what I could do. Terrible may not have been the correct word to describe them, its just that they are just not right, ther is something off about them.
    I love the 8" classics and he deluxe 6" figures but I am really excited about th 4" figures just as much.
  15. GK Punk

    GK Punk Formerly Astrokreep

    When it comes to the 4inch figures I'm kind of thinking of waiting and see. Then the other voice in my head says "Order a case assortment now!" haha.
  16. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    You should :)
    I believe the 4" line is the main focus and the line we will be guaranteed to get all the different characters and the characters in their different outfits. I do hope they make a 6" Grune, Tygra and Cheetara etc aswell though.
  17. GK Punk

    GK Punk Formerly Astrokreep

    I'm really considering it. But I'm also hoping the 6inch line gets at least the twins, if that happens I'll collect all the main characters in that line too...
  18. Unless you really just want all of those extra Lion-O's, BBTS has just the sets of each individual figure you can preorder instead of a case assortment.

    1 of everything, not including shipping or the Sword of Omens/Claw Shield toys comes to around $365 if you upgrade everything to collector's grade.
  19. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I think I'll want the 6 inch figures. If nothing else the 6 inch Mum-Ra looks MUCH better than his 4 inch counterpart. Why does he have holes in his chest? o.O
  20. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    In a perfect world, Four Horsemen would be doing these toys. But to quote John Sheridan, "It's not a perfect world. And we don't always get what we want.";)

    That having been said, if there's another toy company whom I think would do TCats justice, you could do a lot worse than Bandai. Their Ben 10 toys have been pretty decent. Let's face it, toys are meant to be played with. Not to sit on a shelf and gather dust. And as much as I love the Four Horsemen's work, they cater more towards the collectors. If the new Thundercats show is to survive, their fate like it or not rests with how well the toys sell. That is the situation that killed the MYP He-Man, and Mattel really shot themselves in the foot on that one with their endless He-Man variants and short-stocking of the supporting characters. Looking at their DCUC line, it's sad that they really haven't learned that lesson. If Mattel had a better distribution model, and paid more attention to what the fans wanted, He-Man might still be with us today.

    The thing with Bandai is, they know what sells, and they know how to make toys that'll have intrinsic play value to the kids. I think that's the best that can be hoped for. And from what I've seen from the Toy Fair, it looks like they're on the right track.:)

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