Why didn't Mumm-Ra...?

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    I just thought it'd be fun to drop some ideas of what Mumm-Ra didn't do but should/could have done to get rid of the TCs once and for all (of course I know he could just erased them from the face of Third Earth with just a beam, but I'm thinking in things he could have done in the episodes). Feel free to add to the list.

    So, why didn't Mumm-Ra...?
    1. Gave the Mutants thundranium covered armors and weapons? (He kinda did this in "The Mountain")?
    2. Ordered teh TCs to throw themselves to the river or kill themselves somehow else when he had them under his power ("Mumm-Ra Berbil", "Dimension Doom", "Dream Master", "Bracelet of Power", etc)?
    3. Sent them to the sun or another planet rather than to "exile" in "Last Day"?
    4. Just get rid of Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali in "ThunderCats Ho!"?
    5. Slain every TC with Excalibur?
    I'll leave this here in case someone else want to say something.
  2. Gerrit

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    I guess he didn't want to kill the story ... LOL :tongue

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