Why is this particular auction so high?

Discussion in 'LJN ThunderCats Toys' started by krazycp, May 5, 2021.

  1. krazycp

    krazycp Berbill

    So if you go onto shopgoodwill and search for Thundercats, there is an auction currently at $501. I can't figure out why it is so high. It has:

    Mumm-Ra x 2
    Top Spinner
    Ram Bam
    and 1 silverhawks villian.

    And Thundercats DVD volume 1.
  2. jabus

    jabus Barbarian

    Because for whatever reason auctions on shopgoodwill for old toys always sell for an insane price.
  3. krazycp

    krazycp Berbill

    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing with other auctions. It's mindboggling.

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