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  1. BobaTea&TCats

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    Greetings, I’m a fan who was watched this franchise grow with fans from the 2011 reboot and then die out over the years of no cartoon content. I am also a Transformers fan, who has studied that franchises growth patterns as well as TMNT. ThunderCats Roar is cartoon that is supposed to be released in 2019 and is being produced by the OK K.O Let’s Be Hero’s animation team and some of Teen Titans GO!’s writing staff. Although it’s slated to be released this year there has been no promos or talk of it anymore. Now this my friends is something to be worried about. I believe this franchise needs Roar to run its corse, or there will be consequences.

    For a franchise to stay relevant to the times, it has to change; this can be seen in both the Transformers and TMNT. Both cartoons have had a teen and up shows and “kiddy” shows, Transformers having a ton. There is a theme with Transformers reboots: a stretch of cartoons for kids then a teen and up cartoon and then back again to the kiddy. ThunderCats has only had the original (kiddy, it was made to sell toys to the younger masses), and the 2011 reboot. Roar is here for the final stage of “kiddy” cartoons, or the cartoons that producers pick to revive a franchise. They need a new and younger audience to sell toys to since the 2011 audience died off and the original fans are not immortal.

    This franchise needs Roar, not the fandom. To let ThunderCats keep afloat on its very leaky raft we need new repairs, so it won’t sink into the “Sea of the Lost” like Gargoyles, SilverHawks, Battle of the Planets, Gummi bears and Care Bears. If Roar doesn’t boot up because of adults being absolutely horrible to its creators, we will not get a new ThunderCats reboot or a while. This leads me to my final point.

    I will fully blame all of you who have harassed content creators (artists) and, ahem, baby raged over this reboot when Roar dies. Yes, I don’t like the Teen Titan GO! aspects but it has been chosen. It’s for the kids not some adult who wants to see a mature repeat of the original cartoons story, go rewatch the original cartoon or the new He-Man reboot. Not to mention all of you who now love the 2011 reboot had a chance to support it but alas it was to “anime”. I hope that you DunderCats (the Gewunners of this franchise) don’t get a reboot after this one fails because It’s humiliating to be a part of a fandom who has resorted to cyber bully to get their way.
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    The drastic change of style brought the "uproar" from fans which are really the fans of the 80s show. The 2011 reboot might have brought in new fans but mainly still the fans of those too are from the 80s mostly.

    But I agree, it seems that the TC Roar needs to happen... Transformers, TMNT, Voltron, the change from appearance and storytelling is a must to appeal to newer and YOUNGER audience so the trademark stays relevant (not that it isn't now, but more LIFE is needed to be injected on it).

    I, myself is not amused by TC Roar, but I have to admit I learn to enjoy Teen Titans Go! by taking a frame of mind to not take it seriously, and I can laughed at it with my daughter as we watch the hilarity of it(talented people can make this show work). Teen Titans is so relevant now that we currently have them in 3 tv shows (TTGo!, YJ Season3, Titans) and several recent animated films.

    I still have the Thundercats old cartoon, and those amazing Mattel/ Bandai and soon Super7 action figures with me forever to watch and play if I crave for that nostalgic excitement and to satisfy the old fan in me.

    So c'mon Thundercats, morph to this kiddie show and be successful and relevant. Many will frown but maybe you might save the trademark from oblivion... Same goes to MOTU.

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  3. tone

    tone Berbill

    Got all that out of your system? Good. Allow me to retort:

    Hey. Look around here. Do you see petitions? Do you see recent rage posts? Nope. We were outraged, said our piece and got shouted down and just like you just did, called manbabies and told to go sit down and shut up. Which we did. Which is why things are so quiet. We're not interested in it. You say fans don't matter. But they DO matter. That's why the Dark Crystal on Netflix is blowing up. She-Ra won the old fans over with a quality show and that's why it has lived long enough to grow new fans.
    We accepted Roar was going to happen and no one gave a damn what we thought. So we stopped thinking about it and went back to content we care about. I know they hated how that terrible SDCC bag trolling barely caused a ripple. Every now and then someone will say "hey, what happened to Roar?" But it's an un-invested question. You know what is the worst thing for content/art? It isn't hate. It's indifference.
    Anyway, relax - Roar is slated for some streaming channel. But since they gave the 1986/2011 fandom the middle finger, hope they have a strong marketing campaign to drive new subscribers and get those view numbers. If you care so much, maybe you should be going into animation forums and doing that. Maybe they should be releasing clips or a trailer.
    But nope, just come spend time berating us for things we aren't even doing, because, once again, we've checked out.
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  4. BobaTea&TCats

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    You state a good point, I had no idea Roar was slated for a streaming service that flew under my radar. I have said my piece on this out to the art world and thought I should post here. Also, to be true, my reaction to the backlash is late, extremely late, I have no excuse for that.
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  5. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I don't like the art style of Roar. That isn't going to change.
    But at this point the Thundercats franchise needs whatever it can get if it hopes to ever recapture any popular media presence like it's contemporaries.
    Shows and merchandise can only get by for so long appealing to niche section of fans.
    Much like Mattel have annoyed some fans with their stance on MOTU they are trying to please older fans and bring in lots of new fans with the Origins toyline, Netflix series and live action movie.
    If the Roar cartoon does well hopefully it will lead WB to invest in more Thundercats projects like a more adult focussed series.
  6. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Glass Walker

    The other side is, what if Roar bombs? Sometimes you can do lasting damage to a franchise.

    I have to say I don't get the obsession with cutesy stuff, but beyond that after hearing from the creatives behind this I was even less impressed. Maybe this will be a hit, but based on the angle and the cockiness without merit, I doubt it.
  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe style hasn't exactly done great for the new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. But it's no big deal that it hasn't done too great, they had a very successful series and toyline before it and no doubt will just prepare for the next series and movie.
    If Roar bombs so be it, at least it's a way WB have tried to keep the brand relevant and can try something different for the next series or movie.
  8. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru TC.org Staff

    like Tone said. No one cares. The Cartoon Network Thundercats failed was because younger generations don't know what Thundercats was, and failed to attract enough attention from kids. This is no different. Same characters, with whom kids can't relate to.
  9. motogp_fanatic

    motogp_fanatic Junior Member

    No one knows that.
    Trying is the least they can do to Thundercats.

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  10. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    The reason the 2011 series did not attract enough attention from kids was because story and overall tone of the series was rather adult and in some ways a bit boring so the younger kids had no real interest in the Bandai toys.
  11. tone

    tone Berbill

    To be clear: my 'no one cares' comment was specifically that no one here is even talking about Road much less protesting in the streets or on social media.

    Where I'm at is, I don't think Roar will be a success but if I'm wrong, I'll be glad if it leads to renewed interest and new fandom in the original. If it fails, I'll shrug and shake my head at the series of bad decisions leading to that. If it really ends up on a new streaming platform, I won't even be seeing it.

    With 2011, I think the being aimed at adults was a definite misstep. I also think the new characterizations were off the mark. She-Ra got it right, so it isn't impossible to stay true to the themes of the original while updating the characters for a new generation. Maybe that's what Roar is doing, but doesn't seem like it.
  12. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Sounds like Larry will be voicing Jaga in TCR series. He stated that the last date he heard for a premier was late October. I am still staying optimistic for the show and looking forward to some new Thundercats conversations!
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  13. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I hear the show won't be released until sometime in 2020.
  14. Cheetoro

    Cheetoro Glass Walker

    For what's obviously a very cheap show, there are clearly some development problems.

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