Wild Storm Comics Opinions?

Discussion in 'Comics (1985-2018)' started by Mark M, May 11, 2016.

  1. William Graves

    William Graves Glass Walker

    Yeah I got the digital for every thundercat comic as well. I get the digital copy to read any of my comics so my comics won't get damaged. I'm also trying to figure out if I want to send any or even all of them in to cbcs.
  2. ExelArts

    ExelArts Active Member

    im so glad i wasnt the only one that didnt like the wildstorm comics i didnt mind the artwork but i think the dark tone was taken too far
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  3. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones Moleman

    I know I'm late on this but I too own the Wildstorm comics. I think it was an interesting direction that they took but to say that I liked them may be a bit of a stretch. I liked some of the shorter stories that gave us some character origins as well as events that transpired before the events of the TV show. However, I wasn't blown away by the longer stories despite their attempts at originality and I agree with many others that 'The Return' was horrible. It was definitely different, I'll give them that but I don't really know why they decided to go in that direction with it. At first I was intrigued but then I wondered what made the creators think that it was a good idea, that Thundercats was the right franchise to be using for something so depraved. It's unique but I don't see how the themes that they used fit with Thundercats. Perhaps what they didn't take into consideration is that they were dealing with characters from people's childhoods that they had grown up with and come to love. It may have been quite a traumatic read for some. Many fans may have wanted to be taken back to their childhood and read about their childhood heroes only to be faced with something that is actually quite horrifying. Who would want to see characters from one of their favourite childhood cartoons tortured? It isn't t tasteful at all. I know they were trying to be edgy but they went overkill on that.

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