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Discussion in 'Vintage Collectables' started by He-Fan, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. He-Fan

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    Hi everyone,

    A quick question for all my fellow ThunderCats comic fans on these forums! :)

    When DC/Wildstorm were publishing their ThunderCats comics, does anyone know if their comics had official synopses that were used when soliciting the comic to distributors, etc.? :)

    To put that another way, when sending details of the comics to comic retailers, news sites, etc., did each comic have a synopsis and/or press release to accompany it? :)

    If so, does anyone know where I might be able to read them? I'm really interested to find out more about this, so if anyone was able to help me out, that would be excellent and very much appreciated - many thanks! :)

    Take care, and thanks for listening! :)
  2. Lordore

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    I am ashamed of myself to admit that ;) but i don't own any issue and haven't read the Thundercats series published by Marvel comics through its Star imprint. I wanted to collect them but i've always postponed the purchase in order to find other Thundercats products. I am planning on buying them though at some time in the future for sure.

    Hey Chris are you thinking on scanning the issues and uploading them, like Purrsia did at her site, for the Thundercat's lair site at the Comics section?
  3. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    Not at this stage - partly because I don't want to steal Purrsia's "thunder" (no pun intended!) and also because, particularly with the newer issues published by DC/Wildstorm, I would worry about copyright infringement. :(

    Technically, scanning and uploading a complete comic for people to read is a breach of copyright law - whilst with a lot of older and more obscure comics like Marvel's ThunderCats you can normally get away with it because the material is not causing the company to miss out on any big profits, more recent comics where the trade paperbacks are still in print are much dicier territory... :(

    The reason we're able to feature the original comic art scans that we have is because, by a quirk of copyright law, the copyright owners of those incomplete pieces (normally without colour and word balloons) are the people who actually own the art pieces themselves - whereas the completed artwork is owned by the company that released it! :)

    Take care... :)
  4. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    I see, thanks for letting me know. I was wondering though, why the Marvel UK Thundercats consisted of 129 issues whereas the Star Comics published only 24?
    Was it because the great writers like Tom Defalco and David Micheline had to let go, in order to be involved in more famous titles? I think during that time they both had a popular run writing Spiderman after Roger Stern.
    Also, Chris having read both the UK and American Thundercats title, which one do you thing had the best take on the property or they both followed the same pattern?
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  5. He-Fan

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    Chris here...

    There are several reasons why the UK comic had a much longer run than the US comic! :)

    - The UK comic began by reprinting US issues - but, each issue of the UK comic would only re-print half of a US comic, with the rest of the space in the UK comic being filled by a back-up strip - so, from the US comic material, Marvel UK were straight away able to fill 48 issues' worth of material! :)

    - Whilst the US ThunderCats comic was monthly, believe it or not the UK ThunderCats comic used to come out with a new issue every week! :) The title later became fortnightly, but didn't go monthly until circa #100, and sometime after that went fortnightly again! :)

    - The UK comic also featured stories that were produced "in house" by their own UK-based writers and artists. These also helped to flesh out the number of issues! :)

    - From circa issue #100 of the UK comic, the comic began reprinting stories from both the US and UK comics that they had already run earlier in the comic's life. Whilst this may sound like a rip-off, the reasoning was sound in that these stories had previously been printed three years or so earlier - back then, kids in the UK didn't used to collect comics so much as read them and then throw them away (to a UK audience, comics are more like magazines are in the US), so for some these would have been either fresh stories, or stories that hadn't been seen for a while! :)

    No question for me, the UK comic had the most original take on the property - whilst it's hard to top the beautiful issues that David Micheline wrote for the early US Star comics, the UK had some of the most imaginative ideas. Just as one example, the UK comics came up with the concept that the Berbils were, in fact, a highly technologically advanced race with a huge technological city located underneath the Berbil Village! Whilst it sounds like a silly idea, they made it work very well! :) The UK comics also came up with an explanation as to how come Lynx-O, Ben-Gali and Pumyra managed to wind up on Third Earth by (seemingly) sheer coincidence! :)

    Take care... :)
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  6. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Thank you for opening my eyes and passing these interesting information.
    As soon as i read them i will let you know what i think! I was tempted to download the issues by Purrsia's site but the feeling is never the same when you flip through the pages of an old comic...

  7. Don't forget the UK comics had the "fact files" which I found interesting. I also found in one of the issues, they had a very neat diagram of the Cat's Lair from top to bottom in issue #75. It was two pages but I'll just show the top portion because I don't think you want me wasting your bandwidth with scans ;)


    The wonderful thing about the UK ones to me is they just had so much more, even if some of the stories were a bit cheesy or the art work a little bit strange, they seemed to have touched on a lot more back stories and history.

    UK comics are very rare and hard to come by, I've spent over five years trying to collect them all and now with the announcement that the series is coming back, they are more expensive to collect. I was shocked with I did an e-bay search for UK comics the other day, they are running about $25 - $30 a piece for near mint now. The ones I have are in excellent condition but not "near mint" grade but they are worth a pretty penny now. Now my husband is thrilled I bought that collection of 98 UK Tcat comics. Since the announcement, my collection tripled in value. My husband said it was a terrific return in investment, however I have no plans of ever selling this collection to see that return of investment.
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  8. catamountain

    catamountain Moleman

    Glad u liked them Queen Lynxana, I really wanted to keep hold of them and continue to extend my collection but, some really expensive dental work on my wifes teeth meant i had to sell them to pay for it.
  9. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    The Wildstorm comics and from what i've been learning from you guys the old Marvel comics as well, were all tied-in to the series and extended the story of the original episodes offering plausible explanations on some major issues like the one you mentioned of how the new Thundercats wound up in Third Earth and possible directions after the end of the original episodes, as we see occuring in the WS mini-parts when Lion-o enters the Book of Omens and Mumm-Ra takes over Thundera.

    With the new series in the spotlight all of the Thundercats products,especially the old one, will go sky-hign in price...
  10. I can understand all about dental work. Last March, I got my wisdom teeth removed and that was painful for nearly a week.

    I feel bad for the post I wrote, I never meant to rub anything in your nose, that was stupid of me and I apologize. I innocently bragged about my collection. I guess I was so proud of myself and for once I was able to buy something Thundercats related without my husband complaining about it. Sure it's okay for him to buy tools and stuff, but when it comes to me, I find myself giving almost a thesis of why I should get it. LOL

    But look at it this way, I value these comics and have a deep love for Thundercats since I was 9 years old. I'm pushing 34 years old now. I do have my collection safeguarded and I was thinking of either getting renter's insurance or just storing them at my mother's home because she has home-owner's insurance. I have my father's stamp collection stored at her home (my inheritance from him) because she is insured. I am odd, I do like stamp collecting and I remember my father collecting mint stamps all throughout my childhood. Trust me, this collection is worth a lot. Everything is mint except for "Cattle in the Storm". I guess the most prized possession of that collection is the $1 stamp called "Cattle In The Storm" only 56,900 were made in 1898. I am now one of the lucky few to own this priceless stamp in the world.

    Edit I need to add, my father bought that stamp "Cattle In The Storm" with his inheritance from his father. So there is a lot of history behind that stamp for me. What was his inheritance is now my inheritance.

    As far as other many expensive stamps, no, my father didn't own the "upside down Jenny" but he did own the "landing Jenny" it's a stamp about a biplane. Any stamp that is misprinted or with mistakes are priceless. The landing Jenny is printed too low on the stamp....thus the nick name, Landing Jenny.

    The only thing I want to buy for this collection is a stamp sheet called "The Battle of White Planes" my father used to have that sheet but sold it to keep the house. Someday, I will hunt down that sheet and re-buy it.

    I am a very serious collector of valuable things. The other thing I love to collect is Waterford Crystal....the Lismore pattern.

    So buying your collection was an achievement for me, to buy something rare and beautiful without having it handed down to me. I appreciate your collection with the utmost respect. I am probably, as far as we know, the only US collector of UK Thundercats comics to own the largest collection. My collection now surpasses Purrsia's. She used to have the most with me second, now I'm the first. Speaking of which, I promised to send her those extras I had that she needed. I need to send her an e-mail about that.

    I just want you to feel rest assured that this comic collection is in safe hands and well taken care of.
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  11. catamountain

    catamountain Moleman

    i never felt that it wasnt going to a deserving home, nor did i think u were rubbing my nose in it.

    Im just glad that someone is getting as much joy out of them as i did.

    Can't wait for the new series, and who knows they may look to do some more comic tie ins if it becomes successful
  12. It would be great if they could do some comic tie-ins in the new show. You know "who" I would love to be in that new show ;) But I doubt it.

    I do hope that with the new show, they'll start a new comic book series. And if they do, I wonder if it would be Wildstorm.
  13. catamountain

    catamountain Moleman

    oooo "who" would you like to do it, tell me more
  14. The comic book character I would love to see in the new series is obviously "Lynxana" but I highly doubt she would ever be in the show. Hardly anyone has ever heard of her and everyone goes according to the cartoon series cannon characters.
  15. catspat

    catspat also known as...Leppardra

    I'm afraid I can't answer your question, Chris, because I would have had to have been in the comic book business at that time to give you a valid response. Sorry about that. :(

    Heh, and I have to agree with Lynxie about the new series involving the "Lynxana" character from the Marvel/Star comics. She was fantastic but unfortunately she was not a part of the ThunderCat canon and Marvel/Star never sold their rights to her to Rankin-Bass. If they had, she probably might have been in the cartoon show, but I guess we'll never know. :(
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  16. I have a theory about that. The Marvel comics were written for Rankin-Bass and creator Ted Wolf (the credits in the comic) So they used their characters for the comic. So from a legal stand-point, in a way Warner Bros own her since they bought the rights to Thundercats and their comics. Lynxana was written for Thundercats, she never would have existed if it wasn't for that show. She wasn't written for Marvel, she was written for Thundercats and went along the lines as an "exiled Thundercat" So she is a Thundercats character, not an independent character. Go to Marvel, do a search and you won't find her name anywhere. Trust me, I've looked a long time ago when reading fanfiction with her in it. I researched this a long time so I knew who I could credit for my fanfiction with her in it.


    Sure the story was written by David Micheline with her as a new character, but he used Ted Wolf's characters to do so. He didn't own Thundercats, Ted Wolf and Rankin-Bass did.

    Fans, when using her in a fanfiction, automatically assumed she was still part of Marvel because WB started the new Tcat comics without her in it and she was never in the cartoon. So when giving credits in a fan fiction, they automatically assumed her rights belong to Marvel comics. They assumed WB bought only the rights to the Thundercats cartoon from Ranking-bass, not their previous comics or merchandise. This all because the new comics were done by Wildstorm, a division of DC, not Marvel. If it was Marvel to do the new comics, this wouldn't be confusing. Well, if I was to buy something, I would want everything. WB can tell who can get the license to make the toys and who gets the rights to make the comics, so I am sure they have the rights to everything in order to call the shots. LJN doesn't own the rights to Thundercats, they can't say if Bandi can make the new Thundercats toys, WB does.

    I do believe they own the rights to "Lynxana" I know I've saw it recently that the copyright from WB about Thundercats is "WB owns Thundercats and all of it's creatures" I forget where I saw it, but it's there and if that is the case, "Lynxana" would be considered a "creature" of the show and therefore, owned by WB.

    That is just my theory.

    Hey He-Fan, perhaps you could use your connections here at TCL.org to ask WB about this debate. It's a shot in the dark, and perhaps if they do know who she is, they might consider it ;)
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  17. Lordore

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    I'm afraid that whatever actions or events are taking place outside the original 130 episodes isn't part of the Thundercats Canon and shouldn't be taken into account, no matter how good these stories might be or the quality of the characters introduced.

    The recent Wildstorm Comics offered some great development in the plot but it's not official
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  18. *queen lynxana holds Lordore's head underwater....

    They should be taken into account dammit! It should be official!

    *queen lynxana releases head and nothing moves....

    uh oh! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..................Anyone got a number of a good defense lawyer?
  19. Lordore

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    I'm with you on that!! they should! don't shoot your fellow Thunderian buddy;)

  20. Awwwwwwwww, that's such a cute pic! I saw this post yesterday but I couldn't think of a reply for it till now. I wouldn't shoot you, ;) I know of a few Tcat fans I would shoot but you're not one of them LOL

    girls are suckers for cutesy pics

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