Will Lion-O find love in the end?

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Will Lion-O have a lady at his side in the final episode?

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  1. Solace316

    Solace316 Crabman

    I can see the production crew combining elements of the forest amazon Willa into Pumyra's design, that may be a possibility. But having Pumyra as a way to bring a new conflict between Tygra and Cheetara romantically, that's ....I don't know.

    You mention an older WilyKit, that Lion-O may meet since again, it's vaguely confirmed he will age in some manner, whether physically or mentally, but as to the rest of the team, that remains to be seen. But WilyKit, is not that far fetched, in the Original they were the same age until the sleep capsule mishap, but in the New series, it's a stretch....

    But I hope Pumyra is written well into the story and she has capabilities that contribute well into the team, and possibly an interesting match for Lion-O.
  2. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    Pumyra was always a fun character, pairing aside I look forward to seeing her. the Wilykit thing was more of a joke than anything, if they do that I'll be GREATLY surprised.

    I've even concidered doing a short humor fanfiction where Pumyra shows up, fawns all over Tygra and shows a flower and near identical story as Cheetara about how he helped her right in front of her. Tygra gets unconfortable and both tabbies look at him with rightious anger. followed by Panthro saying "I'd run if I were you, boy." :eek: sorry, fanfic plot bunnies tend to become rabid in my head.

    anyway it was originally planned as just a humor thing, but I got to thinking, he is the eldest of the royal family... and while it'd tick off a lot of the Tygra fans, it can't be ruled out for Tygra to turn out to be a player, and Cheetara be just one of many Thundarian woman to fall for his flower and shy prince act...
  3. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    I think you're wrong there. Cheetara does see the spoiled whining brat, but unlike Lion-o, she understands him and knows where he's coming from. She told to Lion-o herself: "maybe it's because he's lived in his brother's shadow all his life" (not an excat quote), so she knows him, knows he's bitter and resentful, and still likes and loves him, because she knows underneath that there is a kind, caring guy, and that is LOVE imo ;)

    Now, to Tygra haters, I think it 'd be really fun if it turned out that Thunderain society is naturally polygamst and Tygra ends up with both Chetara and Pumyra, and Lion-o alone with his sword (j/k)
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  4. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    I have to disagree there. especially after rewatching the pilot last friday, it was Lion O living in Tygra's shadow. you could tell it wasn't the first time he heard Claudus say "Why can't he be more like you, Tygra?" Tygra was the golden child and King's pick. I keep hearing "poor Tygra, always getting second best" yada yada. Everyone in the Kingdom loved Tygra, Lion O was the insane kid who liked that silly 'technology'. Tygra hasn't really exibited an aweful lot of that kind caring side, but hey, if Cheetara can bring that out of em, I can deal.
  5. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    He has shown it plenty of times, besides the flower episode:

    - watch carefully "Ramlak Rising": who let Snarf get over his head to nt get buried in the sea sand? And who stood up for the kittens?

    - watch carefully "Journey to the Tower of Omens": when the bridge closed, who tuened around to make sure to pick up Snarf and the kittens?

    - watch carefully "Song of the Petalars": who regretted and almost balmed himself thinking he made a mistake by reading the map in a wrong way?

    - watch carefully "Berbils": who saved that little Berbil?

    - watch carefully "Old Friends": who turned around and waited for Cheetara when the ceiling was falling over her?

    And yes, he has lioved under his brother's shadow, because it didn't matter how good he could be, he would never be over him.
  6. Superstar

    Superstar Junior Member

    The only thing Tygra has displayed is his need for bread with his whine. People say Lion O was spoiled how so? Because he wasn't a kiss up to his father. All you heard in the opening was Tygra support. Douche of the year.
  7. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    Huh? None of the ThunderCats have every had a romantic relationship. It never happened in the OS and this is the first time in the NS, so I don't understand what you're getting at or your comment about Cheetara getting around. :confused:

    I don't count the comics for anything, I'm looking solely at the series which is an entirely different entity. I also don't see Lion-O as being mature. He's a 17 year old kid who has a ways to go to mature. Not that Tygra and Cheetara are that much more mature than him, they got a ways to go as well.

    Cheetara is definately flawed as well. The way she acted towards Lion-O and led him on only to be interested in Tygra this whole time? Very immature imo.

    I could actually see Tygra and Cheetara marrying soon. I would like to see that for one big reason - to end this annoying love triangle angle they've been doing.
  8. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    I take into account all TC media and have followed every bit of it like a saving man grabbing pieces of bread lol. And the comics were fairly good till they got incredibly wierd with Lion O aging rapidly. Always wondered why the rest of the Cats didn't think of taking him to the pool that cured Tygra of the similar ailment...:confused:

    And in the comic book media Cheetara started out with panthro and then ended up marrying Tygra and had his kittens (who ended up being the next gen Thunderkittens) thus my been there done that with Tygra/Cheetara.

    with the new show, the problem Lion O and Tygra have with each other, the things they really want the other has in plenty. Tygra wants the athority of being Lord of the Thundercats and the Sword of Omens. Lion O wanted his father's love and approval and Cheetara's affections. difference being Tygra wants to have his cake and eat it too, fairly sure Lion O would gladly give him the sword and the title for his father and Cheetara's love and approval.

    Tygra has no idea how well off he had it, plain and simple. And if I see that striped joker gloat over getting the girl, so help me I will smite him via fanfics. :p
  9. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I think you mean Nayda because she became invisible with Tygra in "Out Of Sight".
  10. chique

    chique Thunderian Legend

    If anyone would have gloated it would have been Lion-O. He already did in the beginning of Astral Plane. Counting chickens before eggs are hatched.

    Where do we get the idea that Lion-O was starved for attention all of his life? Claudus got upset with him once and now he's unloved?

    In the Astral Plane Lion-O claims Tygra has always wanted what he(Lion-O) has. Lion-O himself thinks he has something, so why does half the fandom think he doesnt? :eek::confused:

    Are we still talking about how adopted children should be more grateful then biological ones? Otherwise I dont see how Tygra is sooooooo ungrateful. He could have done what Lion-O did. After all he wasn't next in line for the crown, so why be the perfect prince? Maybe that was his way of overcompensating for the fact that he wasn't biological. Not that he should feel that way because it would be silly to do so.
    Also where do we get the idea that Lion-O was so in love with Cheetara? He's clearly attracted to her, but love? We have no reason to believe he's going to descend into some personal hell because she doesn't feel the same way.
  11. rae.keys

    rae.keys Vortex Explorer

    Both boys are spoiled, immature in their own ways, and live in each other's shadows because they compare themselves to each other. Somehow they don't understand yet that just because they aren't equal in talents, their value does not diminish. They are royal brats; when have they ever needed to learn this? And it's questionable whether this kind of attitude was promoted within Thundera.
    Also, the bold, did he actually say that in front of Lion-O? Or was that to Tygra privately before Lion-O arrived? If it had been in front of Lion-O, I'd have imagined there would be more bragging on Tygra's part (the fact that he doesn't/didn't is revealing of his character), but I recall him at his worst when he was with Grune.

    This was already stated by the creators in a preview article about the characters (IGN). So yeah, it's fact.
  12. Tygrastripes

    Tygrastripes Barbarian

    I agree I think more than one romantic in a 22 minute show may end up being overkill but what do I know... but if there is another romance in the works I would love for it to happen much later and any new characters as well I dont think weve even scratched the surface learning about our current team
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  13. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    I disagree, Avatar the Last Airbender had several romances all through the series, and it managed them very well. I could see ThunderCats doing the same.

    If it isn't Cheetara for Lion O, he needs someone else soon, if for nothing else companionship and available friendship, it's gonna get mighty depressing, everyone's got someone but him. Put yourself in his shoes and look around him. Kit has Kat, Tygra has Cheetara, Panthro has the Tank... know what many of you will say Lion O has the sword, but Lion O is far from insanely obsessed with his weapon like Panthro is with the Tank. And it would be rather creapy if Lion O got that obsessed with the Sword of Omens...:eek: I mean really, Panthro has major Tankissues, if something happened to that thing he'd break...
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  14. CappuccinoBird

    CappuccinoBird Vortex Explorer

    I think you're making Lion-O sound much weaker than he actually is.

    And besides, he's got Snarf.
  15. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    "Sorry you lost the girl, bud, but you still have your cat...thing." lol

    and not really, I don't see it as making him weaker. But Jaga promised him he wouldn't have to face this threat alone. I'm not saying that he WILL be alone, but he will feel like it. After the last ep, he's going to be feeling more isolated and alone than ever. If you've ever been in a situation when everyone around you has someone else while you're stuck having the tough it out alone, even if they're with you, there's an emptiness there. And that emptiness can break the strongest of people. Loneliness is going to be hitting him hard over the next few eps me thinks.
  16. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    Sorry, no mean to sound offensive or aggressive, but are you comparing a romantic, passionate relationship between 2 grown-ups to a brother-sister relationship, and then to that of a man with his car?

    In that case, just as Kit has Kat, Lion-o has Tygra and the relation is the same (brothers). Just as Panthro has the Tank well, yes, Lion-o has the sword and the kingdom.

    I really can't see how you compare those different relationships at all.

    If any, Lion-o should grow to create a relationship with th group, you know, his people to say it some way. Right now I think he's pretty much alone because he's choosing that himself with his spoiled, arrogant attitude.

    I insist, I don't want him to find a love interest, unless it's at the very end, because I think he must concentrate and foucs on being a good leader, on noticing the people that are by his side right now, but noticing them as persons, not only subdues that have to do what he say because he's the lord and yada yada.

    If Pumyra ever comes in, I want her to be with either Bengali or Panthro, but I honestly prefer the latter one, as I wouldn't like to see another late-teens relationship, but a more adult one.
  17. Classiccowboy

    Classiccowboy Active Member

    Heroes tend to fight the hardest and are the greatest when they have a singler person they're fighting for.

    A prime example, in the Matrix: Neo was the greatest of the 'Ones' because of his love for Trinity. He fought for humanity because of her primarily.

    good old saying, "behind every great man there's a woman"

    Lion O doesn't need a love intrest to be great, but I feel he'd be more focused and driven with a more singular focal point instead of a broad "save the kingdom and world" goal. and if he had even just a friend to talk to and get his feelings out he'd be able to deal with Tygra winning Cheetara's heart a lot more.

    And really, have you seen Panthro with the Tank. it's a tad scary:eek:
  18. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    Ok, point taken ;)
    Oh, and :D
  19. CappuccinoBird

    CappuccinoBird Vortex Explorer

    If Kat can be happy and content with his sister and Panthro can be happy and content with his tank, then why shouldn't Lion-O be able to be happy and content with Snarf?

    I really hate how you and others make it sound like the only thing that can make someone happy is a girlfriend or boyfriend. And if Lion-O breaks down just because he didn't get the girl, which he should have been prepared for the moment he turned getting Cheetara into a competition, then he would be a weak and crappy king.

    Lion-O's still got friends around him. He'll bounce back and get stronger. If I could do it, he should be able to as well.
    Merged Post:
    Or he'd be so focused on the happy tingling in his pants that he'd get distracted and make all the wrong decisions.
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  20. rae.keys

    rae.keys Vortex Explorer

    THIS. SO MUCH. Marriage does not equal happiness. As single person (and with the intent to be so for a while yet), I'm sick of having this shoved down my throat. It is not true. You do not have to be in a romantic relationship to be happy. The value and effort you put into your other relationships can fill the void. Yeah, you get a little blue sometimes, but you don't stay blue. Unless you want to, or you have some sort of imbalance. This isn't to say the boy should 'swear off women' or 'never be attracted to anyone again'. Uh, no. That would be abnormal. Even if they wanted him to get a girl, it doesn't have to be fixed in the end (tho it would be rad if the series broke this cliche). Leave it open with him having a crush on Pumyra, or Willa. Let him accomplish his priorities first, as that is the most pressing issue right now. He can find a mate anytime.
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