Will the Lunatacs return?

Discussion in 'ThunderCats (2011)' started by ace310j, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. ace310j

    ace310j New Member

    Do you think that any time during the new series that we will see a return of the Lunatacs? Like maybe after Lion-O has gotten another of the crystals and Mumm-Ra sees that the mutants are not enough to handle them. I liked how the Lunatacs played their part in the old show and I would be excited to see them return.

    P.S. if they do remake them I hope they stay close to the original Alural character!
  2. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    I think we will. They've said plenty of times in interviews that all the fan favorites will show up eventually and the Lunatacs were too big a part of the show to be left out.
  3. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I hope they return as a credible threat to the Thundercats search for the Stones of Power.
  4. Blinded No More

    Blinded No More Berbill

    As long as the design and voice acting does them justice I'd be happy to see them again. However, they'd better keep Tug-Mug and Red-Eye soviet Russian, or else there'll be hell to pay.
  5. Stu37

    Stu37 New Member

    Am I the only one who would seriously be happier if the didn't make a reappearance? I never really took to those guys, or saw what they added to the show.
  6. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    The crew has already proved they can use old characters in new and interesting ways. Just because you disliked them in the OS, doesn't mean you'll automatically dislike them in the NS. They won't be the same.
  7. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    I didn't like the fact that they got less threatening in the later episodes. :p
  8. Tygra_Rules

    Tygra_Rules Thunderian Legend

    I hope if they come back (which they might), they do it in a more threatening, less childish way.
  9. The Villain

    The Villain Junior Member

    I seem to have missed this interview & when you mention fan favourites I hope they include Rataro, Capt Shiner, Capt Cracker, Mandora, Plutar, Quickpick & maybe the Mole Men.

    I also had a soft spot for the Crabmen. Always hoped they could have been given more character development. sadly not.

    The Trologs & Giantors were a surpirse in the new Berbils episode.


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