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  1. WileyKit

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    Fan Thread Rules
    1. If you're not a fan of the new Kittens, don't post in this thread. It's a fan thread in the 2011 series forum for the new Kittens, so let's allow only those who are a fan of this new Kittens post here. If you're a fan of the old Kittens but not a fan of the new ones, just stay out of the thread and let those who like the new Kittens talk about these characters.

    2. Liking the new Kittens doesn't mean you have to like everything about the characters, it's okay to post some negative comments as well, but in this thread it should be by people who overall like the new Kittens.

    3. Let's keep the fan threads debate free. If one person says something they don't like about the new Kittens that another person would like to debate or vice versa, then you need to debate it in another thread about that particular topic.

    Leave the fan threads for the fans.

    Update: 11/8/2011 - Extracted the 30 second lullaby from S01E10 for your enjoyment! Snag it from Here. Makes a spiffy ringtone!

    I didn't see a thread for the twins yet so here we go: Post your fan stuff here! I'll start off with some art I found on the thundercrew blog over the past few days. Enjoy!​


    Some new fan art I found:

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  2. Mumm-Ra's Wrath

    Mumm-Ra's Wrath Laser Beast

    I really love the new incarnation of the ThunderKittens.It's great because they start out in this series as rogue street urchins which is kinda how I always envisioned them. Dig the bushy tails they gave them too. I know it's merely aesthetics but it totally fits their characters.

    I hope that they start to go crazy in regards to their bag of tricks that they employ against their enemies. Personally I'd like to see them use hallucinogenic drugs on their enemies in order to terrify them with visions of horrors that aren't there. That and I always loved on the TOS when they pop smoke and disappear during a battle. Like mischievous little ninjas! We need some more of that.
  3. pixieking

    pixieking Junior Member

    I love the "mischievous little ninjas." :)
  4. WileyKit

    WileyKit Crabman

    Wilykit hasn't even gotten into her little bags of tricks yet.. can't wait to see what the writers have in store for her.
  5. dozycat

    dozycat Junior Member

    I want to see to get and use their weapons, please show us how they will get them.
  6. WileyKit

    WileyKit Crabman

    Regarding the bushy tails, I was really wondering why the kittens had tails and the others did not. If I recall correctly the thundercrew blog mentioned that they wanted to portray them in a less evolved form. So apparently there are different degrees of evolution even within the Thundercats society. I wonder if we'll come across any other Thundarians with tails?
  7. Mumm-Ra's Wrath

    Mumm-Ra's Wrath Laser Beast

    Actually me and several of the others from this board had a live chat recently with the Crew of Omens and we asked them about this. They stated that the tails had nothing to do with class or evolution as you put it. In the kittens' case they said it was more of a design choice and I'd have to agree with them. When they jump around and such it makes them more kinetic.
  8. WileyKit

    WileyKit Crabman

    I wish I could have participated in that chat session! -Fingers crossed- that they do it again.
    Merged Post:
    Few more images I found today:


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  9. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    In that chat Dan Norton did say that the tails are a "social stigma."
  10. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    The artwork in your first post...

    The first picture - I don't care for because it makes the kittens look more like a romantic couple than brother and sister. They also look like they're more around age 13 than age 8.

    The second one of Kit is pretty cute.

    The third one - meh.

    The fourth - I like the top where Claudus is hugging Lion-O and Tygra except that Lion-O and Tygra do not have tails. The Cheetara one is ok. Don't like the twins - their faces look like they're bleeding.

    The fifth one doesn't make sense to me.

    The sixth one is freaky looking.

    I gotta say I like the OS kittens a lot more than the new ones.
  11. Mumm-Ra's Wrath

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    "Ooooh I know what they're doing!!"

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  12. Lord Slithor

    Lord Slithor Mutant

    Like the IGN review said, WilyKat and Kit were kind of being c-blockers there. But the whole thing was so cute that it was funny.:)

    I've always liked the twins. Something about their bond as siblings was something that I thought was kind of unique. I was always disappointed that they didn't play that up in the original show. I also kind of saw them as "mischievous little ninjas." (Although there was one fanfic writer who did stories about an adult Kat and kit that were pretty cool).

    I really like the new twins in this show. Hard to say which one I was partial to, but I always liked Kit more. She was spunky, and I could easily imagine her being a party girl when she grew up. I like the hairstyle on the new one, though. Who the hell wears a beehive hairdo these days? Even by the '80s it was dated.
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  13. Mumm-Ra's Wrath

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  14. Lady Ocelli

    Lady Ocelli Shadowspy

    In some ways this new Kit and Kat are an improvement on the ones from the OS. They sound like real kids and tease each other like real siblings. Also, the recent episode gave their best lines. "Why pick a key when you can pick a lock." I'm betting the Clerics who set up this trap didn't think of this solution. ;)
  15. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    What's a c-blcoker?

    Play up how?

    I never thought her hair looked like a behive. At least I never saw a beehive go to a point. Her hair was like Lion-O's, just with a stripe.

    Maybe in this series, the berbils were the ones to build the space boards. :)

    My theory is that they received a prophecy regarding a hero who would rise above all others, or whatever Jaga said in the pilot. And in that prophecy, it was seen who his companions would be, so each obstacle was set so that each of them would have to figure out a solution. They created the first obstacle knowing the kittens were cunning and would figure it out. :cool:
  16. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    Really? /facepalm

    What's another word for a chicken?
  17. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    Not following. :confused:

    Another word for a chicken? A hen? A rooster?
  18. balgus82

    balgus82 Thunderian Legend

    would a C-blocker start with an h or a r? It starts with a C.
    I can't write it out on the forums because it would get auto-edited.
  19. Serval-O

    Serval-O Junior Member


    Fortunately, the person who uploaded that image thinks its a peahen so the url isn't censored.
  20. CodeofThundera

    CodeofThundera Moderator

    Still doesn't make sense, but I googled it and now I know what it means. Thanks for trying. :)

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