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Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by mmartino, May 19, 2013.

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    Hi fellow fans. I decided to make a custom Thundercats New Thundera Cats Lair from a regular cats lair. I added on to the head to make it a Sphinx cat head like the cartoon. Although the cartoon version did not have a Thundercats symbol in the middle of the chest I could not resist adding a light up symbol in the middle of the chest. I used a 2012 Thundercats light up sword and the symbol fits perfect there. I painted the Lair white and used Navy blue to highlight parts.

    I did not yet finish painting the head. I still have to design the coverings where the claws are. I will use a tower of omens symbol to put a small thundercats symbol on the head like the cartoon. I was going to use 2 small Minimate Marvel Thing figures to represent the 'giant' cat statues at the enterance of the lair. The Thing has that stone look that will make the figures look like statues. I will customize a face sticker for them. I will not detail the inside because it mostly for display on the outside. Although the inside is completely painted white. I will use cutomized stickers on the inside with some stickers though and maybe make a cardboard insert. Havent gotten to that part yet.

    Please let me know what you all think and maybe suggest what i could put into it to make it cooler. Thanks. Thundercats Ho!
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  2. Daremonger

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    That Cat's Lair is lookin' real good. I hope we'll see the finished project soon.
  3. darththomas81

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    Looks cool, I too cannot wait to see it finished!

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