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Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by mmartino, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. mmartino

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    Hi fellow Thunderfans. I am working on the much wanted Thunderstrike. Ever since i saw the pic of the prototype when i was a kid i wanted this toy. I was also a bit disappionted the prototype did not look like the show but i still wanted it. I bought the lasersabers as a kid just so i could have the card with the thunderstrike prototype pic and i would look at it for hours.

    Now i decided to make it and make it closer to the show instead of copying the prototype. I am making two of these and will end up selling one on ebay eventually. I will need to eventually work on the side cars but for now i am working on the middle part. I will also make a removable briale board for Lynx-o. Fellow fans, let me know what you think so far and why o why did bandi never think to make this toy when they owned the licence for our much loved Thundercats.

    Unfortunately i tried uploading pics but it keeps saying i have gone beyond my quota but you can find the pics here: http://www.thundercats.ws/thunderstrike-wip-41898/
  2. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    The ThunderStrike is a brilliant ThunderCat vehicle.
  3. adssse

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    Very cool and nice work! There is so much from the thundercats universe that went unproduced.
  4. mmartino

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    Update on the Thunderstrike custom

    Hi fellow Thunderfans. I have almost completed one of the side cars. In my 20 years of experience in customizing toys this has been one of the hardest toy projects i have worked on. I still need to finish painting the side car and adding stickers. I finished the interior and made it look like it does in the show. The side car clicks onto the main one and can be removed when you pull hard. I used clear acrylic cabinate fastners to do this. I wont be able to make a second side car for now untill i buy another toy vehicle i expanded to fit Thundercats toys. I will post more pics soon. Its a super large toy and I see now why they made a small prototype version in the 80's.

    I really would have liked bandi to make this vehicle to spare me the hassle of making it. They would make mad profit. When the Thunderstrike debuted in the show I was very excited and couldnt wait to go to toys r us hoping it would be made for retail. after seeing it in the back of the lasersabers packaging i went everywhere looking for it. So mad they did not make it. Fellow fans let me know what you think!

    I wanted to add the pics but it says i exceeded my quota so you can find them here: http://www.thundercats.ws/thunderstrike-wip-41898/
  5. adssse

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    I commented in the other forum as well, but once again great work!
  6. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    I saw the rest of the WIP. It's coming along really well.
  7. Cougar

    Cougar Crabman

    That is awesome. Please post more pics.

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