wonder woman in clouds

Discussion in 'Fan Art & Customs' started by saltygirl, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman


    my husband & i did this for the good folks @ superman celebration in metropolis this yr.

    he did the pencils & inks. i did the colors.
  2. He-Fan

    He-Fan Legacy Team Member

    Chris here...

    Two thumbs up from me - beautiful job right there! :)

    Take care... :)
  3. Tygra-wan

    Tygra-wan Glass Walker

    very well done, as always Saltygirl!
  4. saltygirl

    saltygirl Crabman

    :) thanks! she looks so happy, doesn't she?
  5. Davea2774

    Davea2774 Junior Member

    Great work
  6. Mumm Ra

    Mumm Ra Junior Member

  7. wthompson

    wthompson Crabman

    Wow, nice work!!

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