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Discussion in 'Introductions & Off Topic' started by kzlambert, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    The FIFA World Cup began today and I just decided to start a thread about it. I am aware football (soccer) is not as popular in the US as it is in the UK, but the World Cup is massive. So for that reason I am not sure if this thread will take off or not. But anyway.. Post here any comments on the following

    - Matches you watched
    - Goals you liked
    - Favourites to win etc..

    Let the action begin! 8)
  2. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Hooligans make the World Cup fun
  3. Mark / Grizzlor

    Mark / Grizzlor Site Director Staff

    I'm not a big soccer fan, but I root for Italy the times that I am interested. :)
  4. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    I watched the opening match Germany-Costa Rica and it was pretty good.
    Just sucks that the Worldcup is in my home-country and where am I....over here :( Would have liked to see a match or too.

    The english hooligans were pretty bad in Frankfurt today, according to my sister there have been quite some incidents. But what was up with the team from England? I expected them to be way better. I mean they won because of an "Eigentor" (how do you say that in english? owngoal???) I actually like to see them play, but this wasn't too good.

    Who do you guys think is going to win?
    I hope for Germany, but I know they wont win it. Probably Brasil, maybe Portugal. Just as long as Germany stays around longer than the US team :D cause otherwise my dearest husband is going to mock me forever :roll: 8)

    Wish you guys a nice weekend!

  5. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    Thanks for that Nadja... First of all as an English-man can I appologise for my people and their behaviour. We are not all like that. Most of our country are genuwine people who love to watch the beautiful game.

    As for the England performance.. it was our best opening game to a world cup in a long time. We usually lose the first game!.. So although the performance was bad..they won. The opening game was really good. Both Germany and Costa Rica played really well and there were two outstanding goals. Great opener.

    In terms of winning the world cup. I think Englad have their strongest team in a while..but have too many players recovering from injury and are just not up to it. Brazil are amazing but always seem to fail at the last hurdle. Argentina looked reasonable in todays game. I want to see how France and Italy start before I decide.

    Looks like a good World Cup though so far, a few teams you might not consider might surprise a few people..

    Watch this space..:)
  6. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I'll never mock you...USA has never been a soccer country, truthfully it'd be great if Germany won and then Germany would have another holiday to drink to :D
  7. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    :shock: Germans drinking? When? Where? NEVER!!! :D
    Nah, I dont think we will win!

    you dont need to appologize for the english hooligans :) I know that those are just a few, and every country has some of those
    I think you are right, before making any predictions I should wait how France, Italy and Spain are playing. And also we shouldnt forget the underdogs....Czech Republic has been pretty good lately. It is pretty much open for now and I am looking forward to see on which level all the teams are playing but once round one is over we should bet for fun who wins ;)

    Have a nice Sunday

  8. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I guess hooligans are really hardcore fans huh? :pantnro: (Go to know who you are)
  9. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    So, just watched Mexico vs. Iran (3-1) and Portugal vs. Angola (1-0)

    I think Portugal played well, but I expected more goals :slythe:
    I was just a little bit surprised to see Figo...I thought he wanted to retire from international soccer....but maybe I just missed something....they dont report too much about soccer over here.

    Well, tomorrow we will see in what shape the US team is 8)

    Best wishes

    636999145 <---- message from thunderkitten (dont know what it means...maybe a secret code???)
  10. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    Yes I just watched those games.. I thought the first half of the Portugal Game was very exciting. Good attacking football. They just over pass the ball in attacking positions though which may be why they may struggle to win the world cup. I want to see Brazi play most of all.. and England again!!

    Bring it on

    P.S Figo is retiring after this world cup..
  11. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    I knew I heard something about him retire 8)
  12. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    Sorry to say this guys...but the USA were completely smashed by the Czech Republic..:faint: Apart from when the USA hit the post it was all Czech Republic.

    The USA passed the ball quite well at times, but just never looked threatening in front of goal. 3-0 to Czech Rep. Good luck against Italy.. I am watching Italy's game now and they look quite strong so far.. :scratching:
  13. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    I totally agree...the US team sucked 8) I really expected more from them!
    Czech Republik played very good and the same goes for Italy. I wish them good luck, but I dont think that they will get far.

    So, tomorrow we will finally see in what shape Brazil is 8)

    Best wishes

  14. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    Ok..I watched all the games again today and was very dissapointed.

    First game was quite fun to watch.. Korea were quite good even though Togo dominated most of the game.

    I was looking forward to watching Henry play for France as he has been in fantastic form in the English Premiership. He really was not given a chance. I felt France were lucky to avoid defeat. They really did not show any sign of being at their best.

    Brazil were equally poor.. One moment of magic meant they did not drop points, but in terms of sending out a message to the rest, all they did was encourage any future opponents. Ronaldo looked very out of it and looked almost asleep during the first half..:zzz:

    Having seen all of the major forces in the world cup (minus spain) I am happy to conclude that I have no idea who is going to win. All of the teams have shown areas of weakness. No team has gone out and made the dramatic statement 'We are going to take some beating" In my opinion this could make for a great world cup. Usually it is predictable and the usual teams make the final.

    As an English Fan, I really hope our team retains the form we found in the first half of our opening game. If we do, I really think that we could challenge any team we come up against. :punch:

    Obviously this is an early stage and some teams will improve..but the signs are good for shocks and surprises..:eyepopping:
  15. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    I agree with you on todays matches. I was pretty disappointed with France and even Brazil wasnt all that good. And Ronaldo should not have been in todays match, the only time he ran was when he went off the field :(
    This World Cup is really open and I have no clue who will win it, but of course I am hoping for Germany. How about Germany vs. England in the Final and Germany wins 2-1 :bigmouth: I know, I am daydreaming, but heck, that would be nice 8)
    Well, we will see how we play tomorrow, I really hope to see a nice game and GOALS, GOALS, GOALS, because thats what is missing so far!

    Best wishes!

  16. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    Spain 4 - Ukraine - 0

    Just watching Spain aainst Ukraine and I am quite impressed by Spain. Although not amazing.. they have been well organized, comfortable and moved the ball around very well. The 4th goal was jaw dropping skill, movement and a great finish. :yikes:

    I don't think I have seen a team play better than this. Great to see after the dispointment of France and Brazil yesterday.
  17. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    Well all the teams have played now, some just played their 2nd game. From the past games I agree with what others have said about it being an open contest.

    I really do hope England at least get to the semi finals, but I hope we don't run into Argentina or Germany in the last 16 or the quarter finals. I know they won't reach the final just from the way they played against Paraguay.

    Personally I've been surprised by Brazil as I don't think they look like champions anymore, but then things can change and teams can up their game.

    I don't think France has any chance. Their players are getting on a bit and they need some fresh blood in their team.
  18. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    Yeah...Germany won 1-0

    Germany vs. Poland 1-0 ... man I think I got my first grey hair during this game :eyepopping: At first Germany sucked...they didn't get anything done, but once they put Odonkor in the game they finally started moving and tried to get some goals. But I have never seen that any team missed the goal so many times, I really wanted to go there and play myself :bigmouth: 8) Good thing that in the 90th minute we finally made the winning goal!

    So, tomorrow it is on England! Good luck!

    Best wishes

  19. kzlambert

    kzlambert Illustrator & Animator Staff

    England 2 - Trinidad and Tobego - 0

    Can not believe England won that game... We were rubbish again.. I was sure it was going to be a draw. They really need to improve for the second stage..or they won't stand a chance.

    But anyway, at least we are through..:relieved:
  20. thunderkittensmom

    thunderkittensmom Active Member

    Wow, I am very surprised that England won. Well, I guess they were lucky 8)
    Trinidad & Tobago played pretty good in my opinion but unfortunately they didn't score.
    We will see how it will continue. USA plays tomorrow, but honestly, I am not expecting much :duck:


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