Wrapping up my first year collecting Thundercats

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  1. Wrapping up my first year collecting Thundercats

    I purchased my first “lot” of random Thundercats last year on eBay around this time. Its been a rollercoaster ride collecting since that first purchase. I have gotten some great opportunities to purchase some amazing items this last year; many of them I never thought would be available for sale. Some of the items include:

    • A complete mold set
    • Several Test/First Shots
    • Many Hardcopies to include main characters
    • An unproduced figure
    • Many very rare MOC’s – some are the only examples known
    • Original Comic Art
    • Animation Cells
    • Proof Sheets

    Honestly there is very little I have actively looked for that I did not find for sale.


    Collecting at the pace I was collecting at surely could not go on forever….I will be taking a break from the hobby for a while, to evaluate/ appreciate my collection. Once this is done I am sure that many items I have will be sold, and the collection will end up much more focused (and smaller) when it re-appears.

    I will still check back on TCL from time to time, Everyone take care and keep hunting toys, remember - they are all out there somewhere

    Will (Indiabluesplit)

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