Wrecking Expectations

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    Remember that old rule about movies based on video games being complete crap? Ralph just “WRECKED” it. Ralph's the bad guy in the arcade game “Fix-It Felix Jr.”. His home was shoved aside for a high rise building so, in retaliation, he tries to wreck it as the titular character stops him by fixing it. Afterwords, all the tenants toss Ralph off the top of the building.

    It's hard enough doing a job you like for 30 years; he's been doing one he hates. After seeing characters from other classic arcade games at the anniversary party, he decides to prove he could be the good guy by jumping into another game called “Hero's Duty”. It's essentially a clone of “Call of Duty”. The commander is what you would get if Sammus and Master Chief had a kid in the best possible way.

    He messes up the player halfway through and she leaves which means the characters have to go back to the starting point. He decides to go to the tower and get the medal at the top. Unfortunately, his glory only lasts until he gets to the bottom of the stairs. He accidentally cracks open a bug egg, tumbles into an escape pod and barrels out of this game into another.

    A big chunk of the movie happens when Ralph crash lands his escape pod in the racing game “Sugar Rush”. Think a sweeter version of Mario Cart Racing. He meets a character named Vanellope who's treated like an outcast or “glitch” in the game's language. The two have a rough start because she uses the medal for the gold coin need as the race's entry fee.

    Meanwhile without Ralph, the game isn't as fun and it's in danger of being “pulled” which would make the characters homeless. Felix goes after Ralph because he's afraid the big guy will go “Turbo”. I won't explain that because that's too much of a spoiler. All I will add is if you have fond memories of the classic arcade games or know how it feels to be unappreciated at your job, see this movie.
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