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    Saw it today, loved it! Although a couple characters confused me. The guy who hurled red slices of energy, I couldn't tell if he's supposed to be Cyclops or not, they didn't give him that code name. And the girl who sought Professor X's help after what she witnessed, I couldn't tell if she's supposed to be Jean Gray or not It was funny to see Hugh Jackman perform a cameo of his character Wolverine. I think it odd that Hugh Jackman is the only X-Man to seem to replay his role in various movies - they made a movie about his origin, now a cameo, and I think they're coming out with another movie about him, but not the others? Cyclops has always been my personal fave and I loved James Marsden in that role.

    Anyway, I loved this movie, and I loved seeing the friendship develop between Charles and Erik. The scene in which Charles helped Erik control his anger to be able to move the satellite dish was very touching. Made what he did at the end seem unforgivable considering all the kindness Charles showed to him.

    I did also feel bad for Mystique and how Charles seemed to brush her aside too easily.

    One of my favorite moments was when Charles decided to read the girl's (I'm not sure if she's Jean) mind when she asked Charles for help after his long drink. Loved the look on his face.

    I thought the movie was extremely well cast and Charles and Erik were my absolute favorite casting choices.

    I do hope they make a sequel.
  2. Ideal

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    first off, i agree. it was an excellent movie. i really enjoyed it, especially how they portrayed Magneto

    all the characters were exactly as they were named, none of the characters were "supposed to be" anyone that wasnt specifically stated. the guy that threw the red slices of energy is Alex Summers, Cyclops's brother, also known as Havok. the woman that sought out Prof X is Moira MacTaggert, who is one of the X-Men's long time human supporters. im not real sure why you thought she might have been Jean Grey, since she didnt have any powers
  3. CodeofThundera

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    I thought she looked like the actress who played Jean Gray which is why I was confused. And when Xavier met her, he alluded to her having mutant qualities which also confused me because I ended up thinking he saw that she was a mutant that she was hiding.

    I also thought the actor who played the Beast looked a lot like James Marsden who played Cyclops, but I figured when he showed off his feet that it probably wasn't Cyclops. Was not expecting him to become the Beast though. Since this is the back story for the movies that came out a decade ago, I wonder how they're rationalizing the disappearance of Beast.

    I think I may go watch it again in the theater, that's how much I liked it. :thumbsup:
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    The key here is the character. The backstory for Wolverine is where the answer comes from. Wolverine was old enough in the 1860's to fight in the (American) Civil War. That would make him over 100 years old in the 1960's and over 150 in the 2000's. His main mutant power is regeneration, thus, he has either not aged at all or only a little in the last century.

    None of the other X-Men have this ability. So no matter when in the X-Men storyline you are, Wolverine should look about the same. But everyone else ages like regular humans. First Class takes place 30-40 years before the X-Men movies that came out in the 2000's, assuming they are not rebooting the franchise and pretending those movies never happened.

    And yes, there is a 2nd Wolverine Origins in development. I think it made news recently because the producer or director backed out because he didn't want to go to Japan for filming due to the radioactive concerns after the massive earthquake. The 2nd movie is supposed to center on Wolverine's time in Japan learning the Martial Arts.
  5. CodeofThundera

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    Well I understand that. I just think it's interesting how much they focus on Wolverine's character and how little on the others. I rewatched the first 2 X-Men movies and it bothered me greatly that Cyclops was out of the 2nd movie for most of it, only being seen briefly towards the beginning and end. It seemed the movies focused heavily on Wolverine. I refuse to buy the 3rd X-Men, I thought it was one of the worst made movies ever. Killed off Cyclops right away and killed pretty much everyone else before it was all said and done but not Wolverine. Cyclops was my favorite even back when I was a kid watching the cartoon and Wolverine my least although I do think Hugh Jackman does a good job at the character, I wished the X-Men movies were more about all the X-Men and less about Wolverine.
  6. Ideal

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    yeah, the first 3 xmen movies should have been titled "Wolverine and the X-Men" and it bothered me to some extent, especially when they started killing off other people

    im glad they went with this other look at the X-Men and took the focus off of Wolverine. he has his own movie series now, let some other X-Men have a shot at the spotlight
  7. CodeofThundera

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    I think it would be neat if they made each movie focus on a new X-Man. For example, Cyclops is traditionally the first X-Men and the one Professor X chose to lead the X-Men. This movie was about Professor X and Magneto, introducing the characters to us as children, showing how they met, their developing friendship, and then their separation of ways.

    So, make a second movie about Cyclops, who is traditionally the first X-Man and was set by Professor X to lead the X-Men. Introduce his character, show us his meeting Professor X and being taught how to control his laser vision, etc... And then after that, introduce Storm and Jean Gray in separate movies that can really focus on them.

    May be a bit of a daydream that they would make four films with each focusing on one of the main X-Men characters each, but I think it would be nice to give each character their proper dues.

    The best X-Men film in the original trilogy, imo, is the first, I think it was the fairest in time given to each of the X-Men. And I liked how they all thought Magneto was after Wolverine and then he got his ego deflated when they found out he was actually after Rogue. :cool:
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    This is definitely one of the better comic based movies.
  9. Lord Slithor

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    That movie was definitely a pleasant surprise, especially after the last two movies (The Last Stand and Wolverine).

    Someone else I read said that not only is it a very good prequel, but it may even negate the last two movies! His evidence though doesn't go much beyond the fact that by the end of the movie that Xavier is seen in his wheelchair, which contradicts the flashbacks we saw in Last Stand and Wolverine that take place in the early '80s and late '70s respectively where he's seen walking. You can read the whole article here.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind if the X-Men franchise gets a do-over. I'd like to see them introduce some of the more out-there elements of the universe, like the Sentinels (which were only teased in Last Stand) or even the Shi'ar Empire.

    I think that with Marvel/Disney studios cranking out good movies, it's put the other studios who own Marvel characters (Sony with Spider-Man and Fox with both X-Men and Fantastic Four), on notice: they can no longer be content with making a mediocre film that they hope will just make money on its name recognition alone. They have to turn out a quality product, lest Marvel/Disney gets angry and takes their toys back (which will probably happen sooner or later anyway).
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