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Cheetara Error Coverup



Cel Bottom Layer




Really super cool cel here, one that is a lot of fun for a collector. There was an error in the way that Cheetara’s uniform was painted, so an overlay cel of her correct uniform was painted, and added to the setup. As this was the second episode – Unholy Alliance, it’s possible that the animator was using an earlier prototype model sheet of Cheetara, one that was likely scrapped before going to production. It’s interesting because you can see that her belt is the same as the one she wears in Exodus. The style of her “bellybutton open” shirt is the same as Lion-Os. We may never know what the real cause of the error was, but this is one of the neat things about collecting production art, you can uncover errors that were made by the production staff… This is one of my favourite parts of collecting, finding cels like these.


002 Unholy Alliance