Animation Art – Production Material

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a Cartoon production? Well for one thing there is a whole heck of a lot of work that we the fans never got to see. When you think of a behind the scenes featurette for a movie though you’d be surprised to note that there are a lot of similarities between how a Cartoon like ThunderCats was produced and how an Episode of Star Wars is put together.

For example, each episode has a fully developed script, a whole stack of storyboarding, an editing process, concept art. There are (voice) actors and errors made (not all of which get caught) and bloopers caught on tape!

This section will introduce you to some of the really cool and interesting work that was done, but that until now you probably have never seen. Our selection of Animator Guide sheets and Model sheets is quite stunning. We’ll be adding storyboards as they are sourced which gives some insight to the creative process and the vision that leads to how a scene finally played out on screen. And of course, there is the awesome and exclusive copy of the early draft Pilot Materials. Stay a while and enjoy.

We’re proud to present some excellent examples of the behind the scenes guide/model sheets that were used by the animators to ensure consistency of design across the episodes.

Early draft Pilot Materials. This is probably as close to a series bible as we’ll get! There some amazing concept drawings of characters, locations, and vehicles! You saw pieces of these pages in the ThunderCats DVD — now you can see everything…only on TCL.ORG

A look at the “bare bones” version of the episode. Once the script has been completed and new character, vehicle and location designs have been completed, the production crew is ready to start showing how the episode will unfold. The script is turned into a series of rough drawings and notes which is shared with the animators, voice actors, sound crew, editors etc. This section’s content is still being compiled but our first storyboard will be available soon.

So far this section includes screengrabs from the Bonus feature on the Season 1 Set 2 DVDs, as well as some early drawings of Season 2 characters. Concept art is usually done in a rough format to give studio staff and animators an idea of what needs to be created. It is some of the earliest art done for the show.