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Concept Art

Before the cartoon began to take true shape, there was art created as early conceptual work. This was often done by people who aren’t professional artists or was done in a quick draft form, knowing that it wouldn’t make its way into anything the fans saw. This early work is interesting because it shows you things that might have been.

We’re always interested to see any examples of concept art that was developed for the production of the cartoon. If you are a collector who has any such pieces, we would love to be able to display them here on the site. You can contact Grizzlor at to submit images of the pieces you own.

DVD Bonus Feature

Here are screengrabs from the DVD bonus feature that shows images of some concept art. Two of these pieces can also be seen in the Pilot Material section as they were used for an early draft of the pilot episode script.

Season 2 Concept art These items were posted on ebay a while ago, by a seller who seems to have connections with people who used to work on the show. It’s not clear who drew these and you’ll notice that some of the ideas were not expressly built into the show (eg: Bengali being Tygra’s albino brother). Two of the pieces look like they were used for inspiring toys rather than cartoons, though the assumption is that they were related to the cartoon primarily.