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Pilot Material recently acquired this amazing set of production material for the Pilot Episode of the show. They offer an exclusive glimpse at a rougher version of the show and insight into some of the evolution of the characters and concepts. These were purchased from an ex-Rankin Bass employee who kept a very early draft of a pitch for the first Thundercats pilot episode. They are photocopies of original concept art, model sheets, layout drawings and a writeup that explains the story of Exodus. There are some remarkable differences between the characters that are drawn here and the final product that made it onto screen. For example, Panthro is completely black, as opposed to the ash grey colour of his flesh in the show. He was literally to have been a black panther. Notice the character at the back right, it is a much younger version of Jaga. Neither the Thunderkittens nor Snarf are present.


ThunderCats cel


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