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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Aluro
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Origin: Moons of Plun-Darr
Group: Lunataks
Strengths: Able to hypnotise enemies into doing his bidding, or as a means of sapping an enemy’s confidence in battle
Weaknesses: Seperation from his Psyche Club (or other, similar mind-control device) leaves Aluro virtually powerless
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Weapons: Psyche Club
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Aluro's Psyche Club

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An almost sinister figure, Aluro is as dangerous as he is softly spoken. Shunning physical combat in favour of exploiting the weaknesses of his opponents’ minds, Aluro is able to use his persuasive vocal tones to enhance the mind-controlling power of his Psyche Club and leave his victims totally mesmerised, entranced, cowering or demoralised. Despite his understated demeanour, Aluro’s evil nature is boundless, and the Lunatak takes great delight in the mental cruelty he is able to inflict on his enemies. However, like many of his ilk, Aluro’s courage is only as strong as his ability to control his enemies, a weakness that the ThunderCats gratefully exploit!


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