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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Amok
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Origin: Moons of Plun-Darr
Group: Lunataks
Strengths: Physically quite strong, also able to carry Luna across great distances
Weaknesses: Slow-witted, also possesses a very limited vocabulary

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By far the least intelligent of the Lunataks, Amok is the lumbering right-hand creature of Luna, granted the unenviable task of carrying the Lunataks’ leader upon his back wherever he goes. Whilst Amok can be aggressive, his almost childlike nature causes him to lack the pure evil streak that exists within the other Lunataks, and as such Amok is quite loyal to Luna. However, what Amok lacks in intellect or killer instinct he makes up for in brute force, force that is always at the disposal of Luna and the other Lunataks.


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