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Captain Cracker

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Captain Cracker
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Origin: Unknown
Group: None known
Strengths: Leadership qualities, ability to deceive
Weaknesses: Robotic form can be slightly temperamental
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Weapons: Cutlass
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Captain Cracker's Cutlass

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A ruthless robotic renegade, Captain Cracker the space-based pirate is a sworn enemy to both the ThunderCats and their friend Mandora the Evil Chaser. A villain in every sense of the word, Cracker delights in plunder and inflicting cruelty upon his enemies, and as such has marked himself out as the scourge of the spaceways. A wanted criminal who sails the stars in his ship, the Jolly Rogers, Cracker always proves himself to be a threat whenever he encounters the ThunderCats or their friends.


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23. Mandora and the Pirates
100. Exile Isle
122. Cracker’s Revenge