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Captain Shiner

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Captain Shiner
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Origin: Unknown
Group: None
Strengths: Respected as a captain by his crew, also skilled at deception
Weaknesses: Almost no combat skill, also a mercenary with no real loyalty to anyone besides himself
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Weapons: Flash Gun
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Captain Shiner's Flash Gun

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A mercenary with no loyalty to any particular cause, Captain Shiner established himself as an enemy to the ThunderCats due to his repeated hire by Mumm-Ra. Shiner is a sophisticated and intelligent opponent, disdainful of the crude methodology of some of Mumm-Ra’s other underlings such as the Mutants. In spite of his allying himself with Mumm-Ra, Shiner is not entirely without principles, and, perhaps surprisingly, seems to command a great deal of respect from the crew of his ship, the Vertis.


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67. ThunderCats HO! Part II
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70. ThunderCats Ho! Part V