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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Cruncher
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Berserkers
Strengths: Huge, powerful arms and torso, able to restrain or overpower almost any opponent
Weaknesses: Bulky frame can cause slight lack of speed

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One of the four primary members of the evil pirates known as the Berserkers, Cruncher possesses sheer brute strength comparable to some of the mightiest beings ever to walk Third Earth. It is not known whether Cruncher’s strength comes from natural causes or cyborg enhancements, but as far as his enemies are concerned, this is beside the point – what matters is that Cruncher is a lethal foe, one to be avoided at all costs! Greedy and cruel, Cruncher joins his fellow Berserkers in pillaging Third Earth in the pursuit of gold and other riches.


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