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Grune the Destroyer

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Grune the Destroyer
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Origin: Thundera
Group: None
Strengths: Etherial form allowing invisibility and the ability to materialise and dematerialise as well as alter his size, also Thunderian strength and stamina, skilled with a club, seemingly invulnerable to Thundrainium
Weaknesses: Blinding lust for power can be self-destructive
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Weapons: Thundrainium Club
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Grune's Thundrainium Club

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Grune is every Thunderian’s worst nightmare – a ThunderCat, with all the enhanced skills that go with that title, yet with a lust for power that corrupts his heart and turns him into a force for evil. In many ways Grune is the ThunderCats’ most lethal enemy – an ethereal, ghostly force who cannot be harmed by physical assault, Grune attacks the ThunderCats with but one goal in mind: vengeance, against the Thunderian race in general and in particular his old friend, now an ancient enemy, the spirit form of Jaga the Wise.


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11. The Ghost Warrior
70. ThunderCats Ho! Part V
112. Return to Thundera Part II