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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Luna
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Origin: Moons of Plun-Darr
Group: Lunataks
Strengths: Above-average leadership skills, also possession of her grandmother’s magic belt can transform her into Queen Luna, causing her to increase in size and power
Weaknesses: Overconfidence, often fails to command the respect of her fellow Lunataks
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Weapons: Queen Luna’s Belt
Accessories: Riding Crop
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Luna's Riding Crop and Queen Luna's Belt

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Leader of the Lunataks despite her small stature, Luna commands the group by birthright and, at times, by sheer force of will! Cunning, evil and cruel, Luna’s ability to devise inventive and sometimes detailed schemes is hampered only by the ambitions of her fellow Lunataks, and the dissention that is bread within the Lunatak ranks by her authoritative style of leadership.


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