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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Ram-Bam
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Berserkers
Strengths: Able to use the wheel on his chest armour to launch himself at any enemy at great speed, can also use this to break down an enemy’s defence
Weaknesses: “Ramming” ability can be difficult to control, making Ram-Bam susceptible to accidental collision

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Another of Hammerhand’s crew of Berserkers, Ram-Bam is a cruel and aggressive adversary to the ThunderCats. Like Cruncher, Ram-Bam’s origins are something of a mystery, and it is not known whether his “ramming” abilities are the result of cyborg enhancement or unique body armour. Like all Berserkers, Ram-Bam’s primary motivation is the acquisition of riches, and he readily joins the others in their plundering of Third Earth.


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