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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - S-S-Slithe
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Origin: Plun-Darr
Group: Mutants
Strengths: Reptillian cunning, skilled with an axe, also able to use his tail as a weapon
Weaknesses: Arrogant personality can lead to overconfidence in battle, also at times an unpopular leader with the other Mutants
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Weapons: Axe, mace, warp gas
Accessories: None
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The self-appointed leader of the Mutants stranded on Third Earth, S-S-Slithe is the embodiment of all that is evil about that Plun-Darrian race – ruthless, cunning, cruel and totally without remorse, S-S-Slithe craves the power of the Eye of Thundera and will let nothing stand between him and it. One of the more perceptive and intelligent Mutants, one of S-S-Slithe’s greatest weaknesses is his overconfidence and ruthless ambition, coupled with a traitorous nature, all traits exploited by the devil priest Mumm-Ra in his efforts to recruit the Mutants as willing vessels of his own lust for power.


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01. Exodus
02. The Unholy Alliance
04. The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr
05. Trouble With Time
06. Pumm-Ra
09. The Garden of Delights
12. The Doomgaze
13. Lord of the Snows
14. The Spaceship Beneath the Sands
16. The Fireballs of Plun-Darr
17. All That Glitters
21. Return to Thundera
22. Snarf Takes Up the Challenge
25. Lion-O’s Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
29. Sixth Sense
31. The Astral Prison
33. Dimension Doom
34. Lion-O’s Anointment Third Day: The Trial of Cunning
36. The Thunder-cutter
37. Mechanical Plague
39. Feliner Part 1
40. The Wolfrat
41. Excalibur (in flashback)
42. Lion-O’s Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power
45. Feliner Part 2
47. Divide and Conquer
48. The Micrits
49. Lion-O’s Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
50. The Super Power Potion
52. Tight Squeeze
54. Out of Sight
55. Jackalman’s Rebellion
56. The Mountain
57. Eye of the Beholder
58. The Mumm-Ra Berbil
59. The Trouble With Thunderkittens
60. Mumm-Rana
61. Trapped
62. The Transfer
63. The Shifter
64. Dream Master
65. Fond Memories
67. ThunderCats HO! Part II
68. ThunderCats HO! Part III
69. ThunderCats HO! Part IV
70. ThunderCats HO! Part V
71. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part I
72. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part II
73. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part III
81. Ravage Island
83. The Sound Stones
86. Mumm-Rana’s Belt
90. Vultureman’s Revenge
92. Thundercubs Part II
94. Thundercubs Part IV
95. Thundercubs Part V
99. Telepathy Beam (seen in vision)
102. Return of the Thundercubs
109. The Circus Train
111. Return to Thundera Part I
114. Return to Thundera Part IV