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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Top-Spinner
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Berserkers
Strengths: Ability to spin at great speeds, creating an attack difficult for an enemy to deflect
Weaknesses: Spinning ability can lead to slightly inaccurate attacks, and can also cause dizziness
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Weapons: Sheild, Spiked ball and chain
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Top-Spinner's Sheild, Spiked ball and chain

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A whirling dervish of an opponent, Top Spinner is the last of the four primary members of the Berserkers, evil pirates lead by the ruthless Hammerhand. Top Spinner is one of the least vocal of Hammerhand’s crew, but is no less deadly than his comrades, able to subdue most foes with ease thanks to his spinning ability. Like Cruncher and Ram Bam, there is a great deal of ambiguity surrounding Top Spinner’s origins, and it is not known whether his spinning powers are the result of birth, training, or cybernetic enhancement. Whatever the case, Top Spinner plays a strong role in the Beserker crew as they ravage Third Earth in the pursuit of wealth.


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