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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Trollog
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Trollogs
Strengths: Stong, also thickness of skin makes Trollogs difficult to fell
Weaknesses: Subservient to the Giantors, upon whom the Trollogs rely for food
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Weapons: Hammer
Accessories: None
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Short, stocky and thick-skinned, the Trollogs are a primitive race of Third Earthers, seemingly lacking in recognisable speech and beholden to the Giantors for food. As such, the Trollogs’ primitive aggression is harnessed by the Giantors, who instruct the Trollogs to steal Ro-Bear Berbil fruit for them. There is some uncertainty as to whether the Trollogs are truly evil or merely following the Giantors’ commands in order to survive, and as such the ThunderCats show mercy whenever they need to defend the Berbils from a Trollog raid.


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43. Secret of the Ice King