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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Vultureman
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Origin: Plun-Darr
Group: Mutants, also occasionally works with the Lunataks
Strengths: A skilled inventor, designer of most of the Mutants’ weapons and vehicles, also possessed of above-average chemistry skill
Weaknesses: Slightly lacking in combat skill
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Weapons: Net Capture Gun
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Vultureman's Net Capture Gun

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In many ways the brains behind the Mutant operation, Vultureman’s skill with all things electrical, mechanical and chemical marks him out as the most intelligent of the Mutants, and consequently the most ambitious. Although happiest attempting to defeat the ThunderCats with brains rather than brawn, Vultureman is still not averse to using directly offensive means to strike at his enemies, and is perhaps most dangerous behind the cockpit of his Flying Machine. Scorned by his fellow Mutants, about whom he has regularly expressed dissatisfaction, Vultureman’s ambitious nature is evident by the number of times he has broken ranks with the Mutants, either going solo or joining up with the ThunderCats’ other Plun-Darrian nemeses, the Lunataks.


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