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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Feliner
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Built by: Panthro
Owned by: ThunderCats
Strengths: Capable of swift transport throughout space, equivalent to that of a much larger craft, can also be adapted for use as a standard aerial vehicle
Weaknesses: Limited weaponry, bulky size can compromise manoeuvrability in some circumstances
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Weapons: Limited but potent laser-based weaponry
Features: Enhanced speed akin to that of warp drive, enabling the Feliner to effortlessly travel great distances

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Developed by the ThunderCats in response to their increased need for outer space travel, thanks to their alliances with several off-world individuals and organisations, the Feliner is, essentially, a scaled-down version of the ThunderCats’ original spaceship that brought them to Third Earth. Arguably when the Feliner most comes into its own is upon the reformation of Thundera, christened “New Thundera”, where this imposing craft allows the ThunderCats to journey back and forth between their two home worlds with speed and ease – speed, in fact, that far surpasses that of their original spaceship! Although for planet-side aerial travel the Feliner would become surpassed by smaller, more manoeuvrable vehicles such as the Hovercat and Thunderclaw, nonetheless its ability to transport the ThunderCats to the stars makes it one of their most essential vehicles.


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