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Thunderian Flagship

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Thunderian Flagship
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Built by: Unknown
Owned by: ThunderCats
Strengths: Large spacecraft capable of extensive and lengthy space travel
Weaknesses: Limited weaponry, apparent lack of resilience to sustained attack
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Weapons: Limited laser weaponry, in-keeping with the armament level of a standard Thunderian spacecraft
Features: Opulent and relatively sizeable living quarters, also houses special Suspension Capsules capable of allowing its passengers to travel a significant time and distance in a state of near-suspended animation

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Leading the Thunderian people in their greatest trial, the sleek, shiny Thunderian flagship stands out as a beacon of hope for all Thunderians when set against the backdrop of their dying planet. Although a journey that most Thunderians would not survive, the flagship plays the pivotal role of guiding Lion-O and the other ThunderCats to Third Earth, a long and perilous journey which pushes the craft to its limits and, ultimately, to its destruction. Although subsequently superseded for speed and durability by the Feliner, nonetheless it is not an overstatement to say that the ThunderCat flagship remains the most important vehicle in modern Thunderian history.


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