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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Bolkin
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Bolkin
Strengths: None known
Weaknesses: Intense curiosity and slight avarice, also slightly fearful

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Diminutive and somewhat poor, the Bolkins very much embody the common people of Third Earth – a simple, rustic race, they are curious and some are slightly avaricious, but they are at heart good and honest people. The ThunderCats have sworn to protect the Bolkins from harm at the hands of evil.


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11. The Ghost Warrior
49. Lion-O’s Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
55. Jackalman’s Rebellion
72. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part II
74. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part IV
75. Mumm-Ra Lives! Part V
86. Mumm-Rana’s Belt