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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Brodo
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Origin: Unknown
Group: None known
Strengths: A powerful wizard, able to transport people from the Astral World to Third Earth
Weaknesses: Frailty caused by old age, blind in one eye

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There is not much that’s known about the ancient wizard and old enemy of Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. It is recorded that Brodo had been a good man with mystical and magical abilities fighting against the Black Snake and his dark empire. But one day he was tricked into going to the Astral Plane by Mumm-Ra in his guise of the Netherwitch. Not long after arriving, Brodo was imprisoned by Nemex, the Astral Prison warden.

Brodo was not freed from his cell until many years later, when Jaga the Wise was also captured by Nemex and Lion-O risked his life to free his mentor. In this rescue attempt, the two Thundercats freed Brodo from his cell. When the three were free from Nemex and his prison, the good wizard transported Lion-O back to Third Earth, for he did not want the young lord’s life cut short because of Mumm-Ra.


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31. The Astral Prison