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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Claudus
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Origin: Thundera
Group: Thunderian
Strengths: Exceptional leadership qualities
Weaknesses: Blindness
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Weapons: None
Accessories: Walking stick
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Records indicate the late Lord of ThunderCats and father of Lion-O was anointed ruler of Thundera as a young adult. It is not known when Claudus was blinded in a Mutant attack, but there are indications Jaga the Wise assumed some of Claudus’ responsibilities while the lord recovered and adapted to the result of his injury. Claudus and Jaga knew each other from before, and even fought side by side, wielding the power of the Eye of Thundera together in a fight against the Shadowmaster. This resulted in the Shadowmaster’s banishment to the Shadow Realm, a defense that would later come back to haunt Claudus in the final minutes before Thundera’s destruction. Those who knew Claudus thought him dead due to Thundera’s destruction.

However, the Shadowmaster had teleported the older lord from Thundera to the Shadow Realm for imprisonment. Many years later, Lion-O traveled to the Shadow Realm to free his father, after Jaga confirmed a nightmare planted by the Shadowmaster about Claudus was true. Father and son fought side by side to defeat their enemy. While traveling to the physical plane of existence, Claudus said good-bye to his son, telling Lion-O he was proud of the leader his son became. Claudus ascended to the astral plane, even joining Jaga to look in on Lion-O and the ThunderCats after Lion-O’s return.


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21. Return to Thundera
125. The Shadowmaster