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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Lynx-O
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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Finely-honed hearing and other senses as a result of blindness and possesses a ‘nerve pinch’ which instantly knocks an enemy out. He is also generally regarded as the wisest ThunderCat after Jaga
Weaknesses: Blindness
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Weapons: Light Shield
Accessories: Braille Board
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Braille Board and Light Shield

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The oldest and wisest of the “new” ThunderCats, all of the ThunderCats look to Lynx-O for insight into the many perilous situations they encounter. Possessed of a great clarity of vision, Lynx-O uses his blindness almost to his advantage, his lack of sight enabling him to always look beneath the surface for a situation’s inner truth. Lynx-O’s calm, rational personality provides the perfect counterpoint to Pumyra and Bengali’s more rash, youthful temperaments, and as such he is very much the vital link within their team.


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