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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Mumm-Rana
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: None
Strengths: Ever-living immortal able to summon super-strength and power, second only to Mumm-Ra
Weaknesses: Susceptible to mind control
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Weapons: None
Accessories: Belt
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Mumm-Rana's belt

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Mumm-Rana is seemingly the universe’s answer to counter Mumm-Ra’s existence. This warrior is under the guidance and blessings of the Ancient Spirits of Goodness. As the Black Pyramid is Mumm-Ra’s base, the White Pyramid is Mumm-Rana’s. She replenishes her powers within in it by resting in her mummy form on an ornate, smoothed stone platform on a dais. When she transforms into her warrior form, Mumm-Rana chants: “Ancient Spirits of Good, transform this gentle form to Mumm-Rana, the Ever Good.”


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60. Mumm-Rana
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