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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Ro-Ber-Bill
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Origin: Ro-Bear
Group: Berbils
Strengths: As with all Berbils, Ro-Ber Bill is skilled at agricultural work, growing special Berbil fruits
Weaknesses: A Berbil’s small stature and natural pacifistic nature makes them susceptible to attack and capture
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Weapons: Stone Dart Shooters, Pocket Knife
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopdia - Berbil Stone Dart Shooters and Pocket Knife

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The leader of Third Earth’s tribe of Berbils, Ro-Ber Bill acts both as a gentle authority figure and the spokesperson for his people when interacting with the other races on the Berbils’ adopted planet. Ro-Ber Bill is possessed of a typical personality for a Berbil, being friendly, generous, thoughtful and reliable. Like all Berbils, Ro-Ber Bill is clever and hard working, and is always a firm friend to the ThunderCats in times of need.


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