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Origin: Ro-Bear
Group: Berbils
Strengths: As with all Berbils, Ro-Ber Bob is skilled at agricultural work, growing special Berbil fruits. Ro-Ber-Bob is also a skilled cook.
Weaknesses: A Berbil’s small stature and natural pacifistic nature makes them susceptible to attack and capture
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Weapons: Stone Dart Shooters, Pocket Knife
Accessories: None
ThunderCats Encyclopdia - Berbil Stone Dart Shooters and Pocket Knife

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Along with other Berbils forced to leave the tiny planet Ro-Bear behind in order for their race to expand and survive, Ro-Ber Bob and his shipmate Ro-Ber Bert are resourceful and clever, having had to learn to survive on a remote island on Third Earth along with the “new” ThunderCats. It is not known exactly what became of the two Berbils when Lynx-O, Bengali and Pumyra joined the other ThunderCats, but it is assumed that they rejoined their fellow countrymen in the Berbil Village on Third Earth.


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