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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Snarfer
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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Great mechanical skill, inginuity, also a good pilot
Weaknesses: Like Snarf, Snarfer’s dimunitive size makes him susceptible to capture

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One of the many members of his race to escape the destruction of Thundera and retreat to colonise a planet, subsequently named the Planet of Snarfs, Snarfer is the nephew of Snarf, who he refers to as his uncle Osbert (Snarf’s real name!). Young and always eager to please, Snarfer’s youthful exuberance makes a striking contrast to his uncle’s more cautious, worrisome nature. Although like all Snarfs his smaller stature can be a handicap, Snarfer nonetheless possesses all the loyalty and courage necessary to earn his place amongst the adult ThunderCats.


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