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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Snowman
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Third Earth
Strengths: Able to transform large chunks of ice into weapons such as a mace, also a courageous and skilled combatant
Weaknesses: Slight tendency towards overconfidence in battle
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Weapons: Lance, shield
Accessories: Battle helmet
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Snowman's lance, battle shield and helmet

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Resident of Hook Mountain and the ruler of the Kingdom of the Snowmen, Snowman is fiercely territorial and protective of his kingdom. Perhaps as a result of this, Snowman is possessed of a slightly distrustful nature and does not make friends readily, but is immensely loyal to those that he does call friend, which includes Lion-O and the other ThunderCats. Snowman is a courageous warrior, and will never shirk the call to battle in defence of his kingdom or his friends.


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