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Turmagar the Tuska

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Turmagar the Tuska
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: Tuskas
Strengths: Courage, perseverance, above-average piloting skill
Weaknesses: Lack of hand-to-hand combat ability, possibly exacerbated by bulky size, also prone to bouts of pessimism

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Loyal and brave, it is easy to see how Turmagar became leader of his people, the Tuskas. Despite his somewhat fearful, cautious and even pessimistic nature, Turmagar will always rise to a challenge and will never hesitate to face danger in the defence and aid of his friends and countrymen. Sat astride his loyal Gomplin (a race of creatures befriended by the Tuskas and who, as steeds, serve as their primary method of long-range transportation), Turmagar will always be ready to join in helping his friends, the ThunderCats.


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