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Unicorn Keeper

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Unicorn Keeper
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: None
Strengths: Ability to communicate telepathically with many forest animals, particularly unicorns, also mild magical ability
Weaknesses: Pacifistic nature and lack of combat ability

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Peaceful and gentle, the Unicorn Keepers desire nothing but to live peacefully tending the unicorns that they are sworn to keep safe from the evil that now inhabits their world. Fearful of the many new dangers present on their planet since the arrival of the ThunderCats and Mutants, nonetheless the Unicorn Keepers have come to trust the ThunderCats who they often turn to for help. Despite their unwillingness to become involved in battle, the Unicorn Keepers are nonetheless often able to provide advice or insight to their ThunderCat friends as they strive to learn all they can about their adopted planet.


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49. Lion-O’s Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil