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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Unicorn
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: None known
Strengths: Would appear to possesses mild magical powers
Weaknesses: Lack of physical strength and innocent nature, very susceptible to capture

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Peaceful and gentle, these majestic creatures seek nothing more than a peaceful life with their guardians, the Unicorn Keepers, despite regularly becoming caught in the middle of the conflict between the ThunderCats and their enemies. Totally in tune with the forest in which they live, and with some of their race seemingly possessing mild magical powers, the unicorns of Third Earth are truly wonderful creatures to behold.


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07. The Terror of Hammerhand
12. The Doomgaze
13. Lord of the Snows
15. The Time Capsule
22. Snarf Takes Up the Challenge
27. Return of the Driller
30. Dr. Dometone
41. Excalibur
55. Jackalman’s Rebellion
80. Together We Stand