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ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Wizz-Ra
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Origin: Third Earth
Group: None known
Strengths: Powerful sorcery and magic, with power equivalent to Mumm-Ra
Weaknesses: Loss of his enchanted helmet causes Wizz-Ra’s powers to fade
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Weapons: None
Accessories: Enchanted Helmet
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Wizz-Ra's Enchanted Helmet

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Wizz-Ra is an Egyptian wizard who fought against the evil of Mumm-Ra the Ever Living. During one his many titanic battles with the devil priest, Wizz-Ra was knocked unconscious and fell before the Great Sphinx. With another turn of deceit, Mumm-Ra damaged the face of the Sphinx, waking it up and letting it think that the innocent Wizz-Ra had scarred it. Not to let such a disrespectful act go unpunished, the Sphinx transported Wizz-Ra to the 7th Dimension. According to the curse the Sphinx issued, Wizz-Ra is only allowed to leave the dimension for one day every 7,000 years.As the time of the good wizard’s first day out of the dimension approached, Mumm-Ra planned to finally take the Helmet of Fahnur from Wizz-Ra. The helmet had mind control capabilities, ones that Mumm-Ra wanted to use against his enemies. So, on the night Wizz-Ra returned, the devil priest commanded the spirit of his hunting cheetah to retrieve the helmet. The cheetah spirit possessed Cheetara right before Wizz-Ra activated the portal and stepped through. The hunter spirit took the helmet, leaving Cheetara comatose, and brought it back to Mumm-Ra at the Black Pyramid.The Thundercats set off to help Wizz-Ra to retrieve the helmet, but fell victim to its power. In a second strategy, a revived Cheetara and Snarf helped the wizard regain the helmet, and their friends were released from the helmet’s power. By this time, the day of Wizz-Ra’s return was nearly over and he would have died had Cheetara not raced him back to the portal in time. And in the 7th Dimension, Wizz-Ra continues to wait for another day to return to Third Earth.


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33. Dimension Doom