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Young Lion-O

ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Young Lion-O
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Origin: Thundera
Group: ThunderCats
Strengths: Youthful determination and courage, latent hereditary leadership skills
Weaknesses: Pronounced lack of physical strength and stamina due to pre-adolescent size, also still developing in maturity and intellect
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Weapons: Sword of Omens, Claw Shield
Accessories: Teddy Bear
ThunderCats Encyclopedia - Lion-O's Teddy Bear

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Small in stature but large in bravery, the young Lord Lion-O is the hereditary Lord of the ThunderCats. Still lacking in skills and wisdom due to his young age, Lion-O nonetheless displays many of the raw qualities needed to prove himself as a fine leader of his people. Lion-O is shocked and devastated by the destruction of his home planet Thundera, and the trauma of its destruction is something he will carry with him into adulthood, but, in-keeping with his headstrong nature, this will not prevent him from leading the ThunderCats to a new and happy life on Third Earth.


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